When winter weather hits, snowplows are sure to be out and about. Snowplows are how we are able to keep our roads safe for vehicles during and after winter storms. These five driving tips will help you safely share the road with snowplows.

  1. Do not pass: Snowplows travel at a slow speed, which can make them desirable to pass. It is never a good idea to pass, as roads in front of snowplows are much worse than behind them and they are dangerous to travel on.
  2. Follow at a safe distance: Always make sure to leave a large amount of room between your vehicle and a snowplow, as they sometimes need to avoid obstacles or even stop quickly with no warning. By having a safe distance between the vehicles, it can help decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring.
  3. Give them room: When traveling towards an oncoming snowplow, move away from the center line, if possible. Snow and water can kick up as they pass you and interfere with your ability to see.
  4. Clear your tailpipe: You do not have to be physically driving to have a dangerous interaction with a snowplow. If you are parked on the street, a snowplow may plow you in, blocking your tailpipe with snow and causing carbon monoxide to build up in your vehicle. Always make sure your tailpipe is free and clear when wiping down your vehicle.
  5. Make sure they see you: Snowplow drivers are often looking at the road and sometimes they don’t always see everything that is around them. Make sure when you are in direct contact with them, that they are able to see you.

It is predictable, winter weather comes every year. Every driver should be prepared for the winter conditions and snowplows on the road.

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