Looking for a new insurance company? Unhappy with your current company?

This report, authored by the American Association for Justice, lists the 10 worst insurance companies in America, detailing their bad acts.

Top of the list?

Allstate Insurance, which, according to the report, instructs its claims adjustors to deny claims, delay payment and defend paying fair value on claims at all cost, sometimes including lying to the injured claimant.

Several other midwest car insurance companies joined Allstate on the list. The report details each company and the reasons they are listed, including AIG (corporate fraud), State Farm (delay and deny, doctoring reports), Farmers (pizza parties for adjusters that low-ball claims), and Liberty Mutual (delay and deny).

According to the report, some law firms have avoided taking on cases involving these companies due to the possibility of expensive and time-consuming litigation, which is exactly what these insurance companies want. The law firm of Hupy and Abraham gladly accepts cases against all the companies on the list as well as any other insurance company.