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A recurring tactic of the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has been identified by Hupy and Abraham’s Wisconsin motorcycle accident lawyers in Madison: their representatives are contacting injured individuals before they can retain an attorney and telling them not to speak with anyone, including personal injury lawyers, about their case.

In May 2012, our client from Neenah, Wisconsin was involved in a motorcycle accident in Cody, Wyoming while on a road trip.  An antelope crossed the client's path and he braked suddenly to avoid hitting the animal.  A motorcyclist who was riding behind him at the time rear-ended him as he did so. 

He was transported by ambulance to a hospital in Cody, Wyoming.

The next morning, the defendant’s insurance company Progressive attempted to contact our client in the ICU regarding the accident.  Progressive had his son running all sorts of errands such as taking pictures and finding out what personal property was damaged in the accident.  All the time Progressive had his son doing these errands the son could have been with his father while in the ICU.  His son contacted his father's agent, who is also Progressive, about the situation. The agent was rightfully disturbed by such actions as was the client's family.

The client told his son to contact Hupy and Abraham and have us represent him.

An Investigator in our Madison office has heard about these situations at most eight times in the last month alone.

Please educate your family and friends on these tactics and contact Hupy and Abraham before signing anything from insurance companies.

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