Proper procedure to parallel park and avoid Parking errors

It's no secret that many drivers get sweaty palms at the thought of having to parallel park between two cars. But that doesn't mean it has to be complicated. It's just a matter of learning the proper procedures to park correctly. Unfortunately, many driver's education classes don't require their students to learn how to parallel park to pass their test. Many riders never learn how to execute the process correctly because of that.  


This article will illustrate the proper way to parallel park and will have you feeling like a pro in no time. Consider this your introductory course for parallel parking and follow these tips to become a pro.


  1. Find an open space.
  2. Use your turn signals to assume position.
  3. Check your surroundings.
  4. Begin reversing and turning the wheel.
  5. Straighten your car and turn the wheel in the opposite direction.
  6. Align and straighten.
  7. Look in awe at your perfect parking skills. 


Tips for parallel parking: 


Find the right fit: It's essential to ensure you have adequate room for your vehicle when parking. If a parking space seems too tight to fit in, it's usually best to go with your gut feeling and find another spot. When you have found a good spot, pull up next to the car that you are parking behind.


Reverse: Sit up tall and turn your shoulders 90 from the back of your seat. Next, slowly reverse your car until you are lined up with the other car's bumper. 


Head toward the curb: Turn your steering wheel sharply toward the direction of the curb while reversing. Keep edging toward the curb until your front end is behind the car in front of you. Tip: if your vehicle is equipped with a rearview camera, it will make this process a lot easier to navigate. 



Align and straighten out: At this point, if you have done the prior steps correctly, you should be able to pull ahead a bit in order to straighten out your vehicle between the two cars. Pull forward or reverse, as needed, to give yourself and the other vehicles adequate room. 



And there you have it. You have successfully parallel parked. Keep in mind that it takes time and practice to master parallel parking. With these tips and enough time, you'll be a pro at parallel parking for years to come. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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