A DUI, OWI or DWI charge can cost you more than your pride or your job - it can cost you upwards of $10,000. MSN Money reports that the costs associated with bail, fines, fees and increased insurance rates are large.  This figure is calculated based on a non-accident OWI ticket.  If you get into an accident while drinking and driving, you can expect your costs to skyrocket.     

A DUI will set you back financially in the following ways:

  • Bail: $150 - $2,500
  • Towing: $100 - $1,200
  • Insurance Costs: At least $4,500
  • Legal Fees: $2,000 - $25,000
  • Fines: $300 - $1,200
  • Alcohol Evaluation: About $150
  • Alcohol Education and Treatment: $150 - $2,000
  • License Reinstatement Fees: $95 - $250
  • Additional Fees: At least $325

In addition to the fees and legal ramifications of an OWI, there are other ways that the charge will affect your earning capacity.  These include:

  • Life Insurance Premium Increase
  • Lost Time from Work = Less Income
  • Lose the License? Lose the Job
  • Being Fired (jobs such as airline pilot, doctor, stockbroker, lawyer or nurse require a license that may be revoked due to a DWI conviction)
  • A DUI will appear on any Criminal Background Check (costing you a potential job)

Of course the monetary cost of a DUI is large, but not as large as the burden placed on those whose loved ones are killed in a drunk driving accident.  In 2007, the NHTSA found that in Illinois alone, 362 people were killed during accidents with drunk drivers. The numbers are similar for Wisconsin, where 34% of the states deadly auto accidents involved alcohol.

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