overcoming driving anxiety


Driving anxiety is a common feeling many people have. This can come from past experiences or lack of experience. Hupy and Abraham wants to ensure that everyone feels calm and safe while on the road. Check out these tips to help overcome driving anxiety.


Try to keep a positive mindset while driving. You should only focus on what’s ahead of you, not the possibilities that could happen. Focusing on only what is in front of you will help to keep your mind focused and not wander to negative thoughts.


Start small if you are anxious while driving. A good start is an empty parking lot. From there, move to residential roads and so on. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be while driving.


Plan ahead before you hit the road. If you know high traffic areas make you anxious, look at the route beforehand and see ways you can avoid driving in those areas. Make adjustments to your route to ensure comfortability.


Use relaxation techniques while driving. The most common technique is to take deep breaths. Listening to music can help take your mind off the anxiety you are feeling. Some people also prefer to drive with someone else in the car to calm them down.


Not every case is the same. If these techniques do not work for you, reach out to a mental health professional. These professionals will be able to come up with a unique plan to help you.



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