Gina Woods has been riding motorcycles a long time - eighteen years, in fact. But riding a motorcycle isn't all she does. Gina co-founded and hosts a motorcycle radio show, created a team of women motorcycle mechanics who build bikes for charity, works as a marketing director for a local Indian Motorcycle dealership and organizes large-scale events at major motorcycle functions. And now, she joins Lawyers for riders, Hupy and Abraham

 Hupy and Abraham is excited to announce that Gina Woods has been added to their marketing team. The firm, known as one of the top motorcycle litigation firms in the United States, has successfully represented over 1,000 injured riders and secured a number of settlements in excess of a million dollars. Gina's extensive experience compliments the firm's already strong arsenal of employees who ride and rounds out its team of riders working for riders' rights and awareness.



"It's a lifestyle, not just a weekend thing," Gina explains.  "I'm proud to help Hupy and Abraham, S.C save lives by bringing more awareness to their "Watch for Motorcycles" campaign. I believe injured riders need top-notch representation to get fair settlements from insurance companies after an accident. "

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