How to buy a used motorcycle

So, you've been thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, but don't want to pay the cost of a new bike? You're not alone. Not every motorist wants to shell out $60,000 plus for a brand-new motorcycle. There is a multitude of reasons for purchasing used bikes. Every motorist has different needs, different lifestyles and separate finances. So it is not uncommon to find a fair amount of the motorcycle community who own used bikes.


However, there are pros and cons to purchasing a used bike. The pro is that you'll be able to purchase a motorcycle at a cheaper price. The con is that the buyers must ensure that they are not getting ripped off by misleading information. This article will provide tips on what to do before purchasing a used motorcycle. 


  1. Research: Perhaps the most critical step when shopping for a used bike is doing research. If you have your eyes on a specific model, research as much information as possible beforehand. Topics to search for can range from pricing, mileage, reviews, market value and purchasing locations, all of which play a part in deciding what motorcycle to invest in. 
  2. History: Similar to step one, learn as much as possible about the history of the motorcycle's previous owner. Finding out information such as service history and crash reports are good to know before making a buying decision. 
  3. VIN: Always check to see if the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) on the motorcycle matches its records. If it doesn't, that's usually a red flag to take note. Like cars, a motorcycle's VIN will be able to tell you if the bike has ever been wrecked or stolen. 
  4. Inspection: An essential aspect when inspecting the bike is to make sure the bike is cool to the touch before starting it up. Why do this, you may ask? Doing so allows you to see if the bike has trouble starting up or any other potential issues when first turning it on. 
  5. Test drive: Last, but certainly not least, if everything checks out, take it for a spin. Test drives are usually the most exciting part of the process because you can get a feel if the bike is right for you or not. Just be conscious of paying attention to any weird quirks you may potentially notice when taking it for a test drive. 


Following these tips will help ensure that you make the best purchasing decision possible when hunting for your new bike.    


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