It's not just the auto accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham, it's also the people at would like to help you stay safe each time you hit the road. From buying a safe car to ensuring that you avoid common driving mistakes such as distracted driving, Smart Motorist has the information you need.

According to their site, Smart Motorist "brings you expert advice on the newest technology, safety equipment and strategies for safe navigation of today's roadways." Please read on to learn more about what Smart Motorist has to offer. 

  • Cell Phones - According to Smart Motorist, 85% of cell phone users talk on the phone while driving. In order to help prevent the dangers of cell phone distractions, Smart Motorist has compiled a list of safer ways to use your cell phone while driving. They include:
    • Using hands-free devices
    • Not looking at your phone for a number or to read a text while driving
    • Turning your phone on silent or vibrate while driving
  • Winter Driving - In Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, winter driving is not a lot of fun. Ice, snow and fog can make even the shortest commute a nightmare. Smart Motorist offers some common sense tips on staying safe in winter including:
    • Removing all snow and ice from your vehicle
    • Equipping your car with snow tires
    • Taking your time getting to your destination
  • Car News - Topics in this section include information on newly released cars, recall news and car safety studies.
  • Shopping for Auto Insurance - recommends checking on auto insurance rates before buying a new car. An increase in insurance costs may factor into your decision. Also, ensure that you shop around for the best rates, even if you have been with the same company for some time.

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