The Milwaukee Police Department reported that on April 12 at 5:10 pm in the 4600 block of N 48th St., a toddler was struck and killed by a van. The driver, revealed as Archie Brown Jr., 41, was shot and killed at the scene. Brown Jr.’s passenger, a teenage boy, was wounded and succumbed to his injuries while in surgery.

Michael Hupy
Attorney Michael Hupy is offering $25,000 to anyone with information about this incident. 

Details on why this has happened are unclear, and no arrest has been made. Attorney Michael Hupy is offering a $25,000 reward to the first person who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooter. Hupy is a longtime activist and is deeply involved with the Milwaukee community.

“I’m not going to sit back and let this city become like a war-torn country.” said Attorney Hupy.

The MPD also confirmed that they are still searching for suspects. Anyone with information regarding this incident can call 414.935.7360. 



I want to say how moved I am by your decision yesterday to put up a reward for the arrest and conviction of Sunday’s murderer.  I caught it on the late news and was tempted to reach out to you then and there but opted to wait until the first opportunity today.  Your action is a sensible act in response to a senseless act of violence.   I am proud to know you.

Clearly, the senseless murder of two innocent people has sent shock waves through the city.  Like you, it bothers me to the core. Where we go from here, I don’t know.  I am concerned that the collective memory of our citizens ultimately will lead to otherwise law-abiding people to elect to flee accident scenes for fear of their lives.  Time will tell.

For now, thank you for doing all that you are with respect to this one heinous, criminal act.  You’re a good man.


John N.


- Angie D.

After reading the article in the Journal I wish I had money to send you. I just sat & cried a bit before I sent this. I hope the murderer of Mr Brown & Mr Chilies is found & tried to the fullest extent of the law. God bless you & the parents of the 2yo that died. I am going home to feed & hug my children... 

- Jennifer H.

This is great! Way to go Michael Hupy!

- Brenda R.

Hupy is involved in the community in a lot of things. He is a stand up man who really cares. Hope this reward helps get the shooter in custody.

- Rick J.

Very proud!

-Lauren N.

Dear Mr. Hupy,

I think you are an inspirational human being for offering to help catch this evil living being that killed these innocent people especially the baby. How very sad! And I agree to your statement. Lets not act with violence like in Syria. ..God be with all our children.

Thank you and be well.

- Sofia

Thank you Mr. Hupy for such a wonderful gesture. I’m sure there are many people besides me that deeply appreciate your generous support for this community.
This city desperately begs for responsible leadership in such troubling times.
I am greatly thankful for men such as Sheriff David Clarke, Alderman Joe Davis and Alderman Bob Donovan who show the courage to speak out!

- G.R.

Good going Hupy. That should speak volumes for people looking for a decent attorney.

- S.H.

Kudos to Mr. Hupy. These violent individuals do not deserve freedom nor peace. I hope he gets apprehended asap!

- Roger A.

We appreciate you and thank you so much, especially from the black community. I think you are so wonderful.  Keep up the good work. 

- Lori T.

What a wonderful example you set. Thank you for all that you do.

- Tiny R.

I read about your reward offer and am impressed that you are willing to do something positive while the politicians are helpless and blame someone else for their own shortcomings. I'm proud to know you.

- Glenn G.

I’ve been watching this story unfold since the initial emails came out. Thank you for your contribution of the reward. I actually cried when I learned of it. Being a mixed-race family, the escalation of violence in our communities, the police brutality cases finally coming to light, and the sad state of race, culture and LGBT rights in America today are especially heart-wrenching. You are the reason that I am so proud to work for Hupy and Abraham. Your humanitarian philosophy is not just lip service, it is the way you (and your family) live your lives and the platform on which you guide your law firm. There are very few individuals who are the real deal. You, my friend and leader, are. So, again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Pamela A.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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