Safety Tips for Motorcycle Gear on Track Days

Track days are an exciting time for any motorcyclist. Bringing your bike to ride amazing racetracks and experiencing the thrills of long straightaways and hairpin turns is exhilarating. Whether you’re experienced with riding on a track or just a beginner, it’s always best to be prepared. Having the right gear with you during a track day will help you have a safe and fun experience. Here are a few pieces of riding gear you need to plan on bringing:

  • Full-Body Race Suit – Riding on a track can be risky with the high speeds and sharp turns. You’ll need a racing suit to protect you against falls or accidents. Race suits are made of strong fabrics like Kevlar and leather, as well as armor, to protect you should you fall off your bike.
  • Full-Face Helmet – A helmet is required for track days. Make sure your helmet has a DOT rating and an emergency cheek pad removal system. Safety is key, especially when protecting your head on the racetrack. There are several different helmets available with ventilation and aerodynamic options, so choose the right one for you.
  • Racing Boots – Special boots made for racing are composed of durable materials designed for riding on hard surfaces. You’ll need racing boots that are formfitting, with armor around the shin and below. Most boots are designed for rider comfort, while also providing the best possible protection for your lower legs while cornering, or in the event of a crash.
  • Racing Gloves – You’ll need gloves that protect not only your palms and fingers, but your wrists as well. These specialized gloves will protect your hands from weather and in case you fall off your bike. They are weatherproof and have armor built in for the ultimate protection.

Having the proper gear during a track day is of the utmost importance. In most cases, you won’t even be able to take your bike onto the track without the right riding gear. Make sure you’re prepared so that you can have a safe and fun day at the racetrack.

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