Items Not To Wear On A Motorcycle

More often than not, you'll hear riders speak about what you should wear while on your motorcycle. These conversations usually revolve around safety gear and other useful accessories. However, a topic not talked about as often is what you shouldn't wear on a motorcycle. There are specific items and merchandise that other riders would deem unsafe while out on a ride. 


While there are many hazardous items that should be obvious to riders, there are specific items that riders may think it's safe to carry, but on the contrary, it can be a hazard. This article will cover common items that should be left behind when hitting the road. 


  1. Loose clothes: A good majority of riders will wear tighter clothing while out on a ride. This is for a good reason: Tighter clothing is a lot safer than loose clothing. Loose clothing can be very distracting for a rider and, worst-case scenario, it can potentially catch on to something.
  2. Scarves:  Similar to loose clothing, scarves are not ideal for a rider to take on the road. The reason being is because scarves have a tendency to come undone while riding at high speeds. This can result in the scarf flying off and landing on the windshield of another vehicle. 
  3. Sandals and shorts: Shorts and sandals provide zero protection while on the road. While some may argue that your pants are likely to rip and cause just as much damage as shorts, those extra few seconds it takes for your jeans to rip means less impact time between the road and your skin.  
  4. Headphones: Not only do headphones prevent you from hearing your surroundings, it is also illegal to ride with headphones in some states. Listening to music will always make the motorcycle ride a better experience. But, there is a safe way to do it and an unsafe way, as well. Using a stereo system or a Bluetooth headset are great alternatives to headphones. 
  5. Heavy backpacks: While riding with a backpack isn't considered a hazard, riding with a bag that weighs multiple pounds can be dangerous. Riding with a heavy bag restricts your movement and posture while riding. It could also be even more severe if you were to get into an accident with a heavy bag attached.  



While there can be multiple arguments made about unsafe items to travel with when on a motorcycle, the items listed above are the most common to come across in debates. It's best to go with your gut feeling when it comes to this topic. Everyone will have a different opinion and perspective on what is safe to carry and what is not. If you feel an item will hinder you at any point during your ride, it's best to leave it behind.  



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