If you’ve been thinking about retaining a Milwaukee auto accident attorney for your Wisconsin, Iowa, or Northern Illinois personal injury case, now is the time to start researching your options for a better understanding of how to best approach your case. If this is your first major collision, it’s particularly easy to be confused about the sort of issues that may entitle you to recover financial damages for your medical bills, lost wages and more.

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Talk to a lawyer when...

The crash resulted in substantial losses.
    • Anyone involved died.
    • Anyone sustained a major injury requiring a hospital stay or ongoing treatment.
    • Anyone sustained a permanent injury such as traumatic brain injury, internal organ injury, limb loss or paralysis.
    • Medical bills resulting from the accident exceeded $1,000.
    • The collision was directly responsible for major property damage.

Details about your case are unclear or complicated.
    • The police report contains inaccuracies.
    • An individual involved in the incident is clearly responsible for causing it.
    • A driver was impaired, intoxicated or distracted.
    • Faulty equipment or problems with road conditions may have contributed.
    • The incident happened at a construction site.
    • The crash involves other significant medical, technical or legal complications.

There is a problem involving insurance.
    • You do not have insurance.
    • The other driver does not have insurance.
    • Your claim was denied.
    • Your settlement offer seems unfair.
    • Your provider has involved the company lawyer.

If any of the above is true for your Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois accident case, talking to a qualified attorney can help you know and protect your rights. Request your free copy of The Ulimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims, essential reading for anyone involved in an Illinois, Iowa, or Wisconsin auto collision.

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