Iowa workers compensation statutes

Iowa workers’ compensation law can be found in Chapters 85, 85A, 85B, 86 and 87 of the state statutes, in Chapter 876 of the Iowa Administrative Code, and in the decisions of Iowa courts. It would be impossible to include every detail of workers’ compensation law in this article. Instead, this article provides an overview of what you can find in the Iowa statutes. To learn more about how the statutes, administrative rules, and common law impact your own recovery of benefits we encourage you to contact us directly for a free, no-obligation consultation with an experienced Iowa workers’ compensation lawyer.

An Overview of the Statutes

You can find important information about your rights in the statutes. That information includes:

  • When workers’ compensation is applicable (Chapter 85).
  • Who is liable for injuries (Chapter 85).
  • When and how to provide notice of a work injury (Chapter 85).
  • When compensation begins (Chapter 85).
  • Death benefits after a fatal work injury (Chapter 85).
  • Compensation for permanent injuries (Chapter 85).
  • Compensation for temporary injuries (Chapter 85).
  • Payments for spouses and dependents (Chapter 85).
  • Compensation for occupational disease (Chapter 85A).
  • Compensation for occupational hearing loss (Chapter 85B).
  • How the Division of Workers’ Compensation Works (Chapter 86).
  • What workers’ compensation insurance is required (Chapter 87).

The statutes provide further information that could be relevant to your case, as do state regulations and previous court cases. Additionally, the statutes may change.

While all of this information is helpful, it might leave you with additional questions about how it applies to your specific case and about how you can get the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve. You need to know when your benefits will start, what they will include, when they will end, and what obligations you have to make sure you get the benefits to which you are entitled by law.

Accordingly, we encourage you to call us or contact us via this website any time—24/7/365—to learn more about the specific information that you need to make a fair recovery of workers’ compensation benefits and to learn more tips and resources for protecting your workers’ compensation recovery.

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