Transportation Workers Comp

While there was a decline in the rate of injuries reported in the transportation industry during 2015, transportation, trade, and utility workers still suffered a significant number of fatalities and other injuries. During that year, 1,282 people died in work-related accidents in the transportation, trade, and utility injuries. An average of 3.6 workers for every 100 full-time workers suffered a reportable injury, and an average of 2.2 workers for every 100 full-time workers suffered an injury that resulted in days they couldn’t work, job restrictions, or job transfers.

Vehicle Crashes Are Just One Cause of Work-Related Accidents in These Industries

Motor vehicle crashes are the most obvious cause of work-related accidents in the transportation, trade, and utility sectors; however, crashes aren’t the only cause of injury. Workers are also at risk of injury because of:

  • Overexertion. Heavy lifting can cause serious sprains and strains.
  • Falls. Falls from heights or the same level can result in sprains, strains, broken bones, and other injuries.
  • Contact with equipment or objects. Injuries can occur when objects fall or when equipment malfunctions.
  • Repetitive motion. The repetitive motion of driving, lifting, or performing other job duties can result in injuries.
  • Exposure to harmful substances. Breathing in harmful substances can result in illness.

If any injury results because of a work-related incident, then your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer may be responsible for paying you benefits.

A Workers’ Comp Claim Is Not the Same as a Personal Injury Case

When you make a workers’ compensation claim, you do not need to prove that your employer—or anyone else—was negligent. Instead, you need to establish that you were hurt in a work-related accident or that you became ill because of your working conditions or job duties.

While you don’t need to prove negligence, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can still help you get the benefits that you deserve. To learn more about how we can help you after a work-related transportation accident—or a work accident in any industry—please contact us today.

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