Hupy and Abraham is committed to the individual clients it represents and to the communities in which its attorneys and staff members work and live. Below is a sampling of the charitable work we did during the second half of 2012.

Hupy and Abraham Supported Women on Wheels®

In 2012, Hupy and Abraham made a donation to the Women on Wheels® Heartland Chapter located in St. Louis. Women on Wheels (WOW) was founded in 1982 for the purpose of uniting women motorcyclists. WOW is dedicated to promoting the interests of all women who ride, whether on their own machine, as a passenger, or as a future motorcyclist.

Hupy And Abraham Donated to Bike Ride to Honor Abused Women and Children

Hupy and Abraham made a donation to the "12th Annual Benefit Ride for WINGS." The ride was held in honor of physically and mentally abused women and children who are looking for support throughout Northern Illinois. All proceeds from the bike run went to the WINGS foundation.

WINGS (Women in Need Growing Together) provides a continuum of integrated services in an effort to end domestic violence and homelessness one family at a time. WINGS is a non-profit organization that helps homeless and abused women and children by offering shelter, education, guidance and support.

Creating a safer, promising environment for people is a priority for the law firm.

Wings Logo

Hupy and Abraham Supported the Rick Kemp Foundation

Specialist Richard Kemp (22) lost his life in 2011 fighting in Afghanistan to keep our country safe. Kemp joined the U.S. Army in 2008 after attending the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). He was deployed twice to Iraq in support of the War on Terror.

Kemp’s awards and decorations include the Combat Infantryman's Badge and the Parachutist Badge. He was also awarded the Army Commendation Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal and the Army Service Ribbon.

In 2012, Hupy and Abraham made a donation to The Rick Kemp Foundation. The foundation hosted a horseback riding memorial tournament in honor of the Kemp family’s fallen soldier on August 18, 2012 at Rainbow Acres Ranch in Jackson, Wisconsin.

Proceeds from the event were given to the coming Horses for Heroes of Jackson, Wisconsin program, the scholarship program for the Dukatz Academy Martial Arts, and MSOE.


                     Specialist Richard Kemp                                        Emily Kemp Horsemanship 

Hupy and Abraham Main Sponsored the Annual Walk for Children

Hupy and Abraham was the main sponsor for Next Door’s 23rd Annual Walk for Children event. Over 1,000 people participated. The walk began at the Next Door foundation where they made a small circle through the Milwaukee central city area. At the front of the line was Green Bay Packer Super Bowl Champion, James Starks.

The walk was designed to raise money for families and children throughout the city of Milwaukee so they can excel in school. Next Door’s programs impact over 650 neighborhood families daily. Thanks to organizations, such as Hupy and Abraham, these services are free of charge to all participants.

20125 Walk for Children Flyer

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored 2012 Circle of Women Luncheon

Hupy and Abraham attended and sponsored the 2012 Circle of Women Luncheon. The event was put together by the YWCA of Milwaukee. With over 800 supporters, the YWCA raised over $200,000.

The funds raised at the luncheon were used to help all women throughout the Milwaukee area have free tutoring and testing to get their GED certificate so that women of Milwaukee will be able to receive higher job placements and educational opportunities.

Equal opportunity for all is what will help our community grow and Hupy and Abraham is proud to be a part of it.

YWCA logo

Michael Hupy Sponsorsed 2012 SCI Sporting Clays Event

SCI has multiple chapters that are open to anyone who loves to hunt and is interested in joining. The chapters offer gun safety lessons, competitions for experienced shooters of all ages, and clubs for women who are new to shooting.

The SCI Sporting Clays Event is in its 23rd year. Most of the shooters who attended the event were competing throughout twelve challenging stations of the sporting clays course. All winners of the event received a personalized plaque for their efforts.

Hupy and Abraham would like to remind everyone to always practice gun safety. 

SCI First For Hunters logo

Hupy and Abraham Donated to National Alopecia Areata Foundation

The donation made to the organization will help provide the research necessary to find a cure and provide better treatments for alopecia areata patients.

Alopecia areata affects over 100 million people worldwide. The disease causes people to lose their hair in patches or throughout their entire body depending on the severity.

Finding a cure for this disease, and other illnesses is something that Hupy and Abraham feels strongly about. The law firm believes in the mission of helping others and ensuring that our future generations live happy, healthy lives.

National Alopecia Areata Foundation logo

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Timber-Lee Summer Camp Fundraiser

Hupy and Abraham sponsored Timber-Lee’s 15th Annual Invitational Golf Outing in July 2012. The donation made towards the event went to helping the camp raise funds for their science education center, the urban camp, and scholarships for the Timber-Lee summer campers.

Timber-Lee summer camp celebrated its 65th anniversary this summer. Within its 65 years of existence, the summer camp has helped children of all ages enjoy one week or more of their summer break. Camp Timber-Lee has helped children and teens make new friends and become closer with God through group activities, songs and art.

The law firm believes it is important to offer fun, exciting ways for children to spend their summer months. Camp Timber-Lee is a great way for children to have fun and to learn in a positive environment.

Timber-lee Christian Center logo

Hupy and Abraham Supported Black Achievers Breakfast

Hupy and Abraham proudly supported the YMCA Black Achievers Celebration Breakfast held on Thursday August 16, 2012 at the Hilton City Center. The law firm has been committed to supporting the Black Achievers program for 20 years.

The Black Achievers Celebration Breakfast recognized the past achievers, awarding “Achievers of the Year” and inducted in the new 2012-2013 adult Black Achievers class. This year’s symbol, BOA ME NA ME MMOA WO, which means “Help me and let me help you,” has been chosen to represent the theme, and how collaboration can strengthen the Black Achievers program and the community in which we live.   

Hupy and Abraham is proud to announce Veraunica Ruffin as the firm’s Black Achiever for 2012-2013.  Ruffin is currently the Executive Director for the Wisconsin Youth Company After School Program. Her many accomplishments have led her to successfully help children throughout Waukesha County.  

Hupy and Abraham supports YMCA Black Achievers and the tremendous role it plays in the success of teens and adults in the community. 

The YMCA logo

Hupy and Abraham Supported Park Lawn

In 2012, Hupy and Abraham made a donation to the Park Lawn organization located in Illinois. The program hosted their 15th Annual Big Bikes Big Hearts Erin Go Ride Charity Motorcycles Run.

Park Lawn provides shelter and education for disabled Illinois citizens that are in need of extra assistance emotionally and physically. The program is open to all ages and disabilities. Park Lawn provides extra help with everyday living tasks, job training and placement throughout the community, and learning programs to keep the body and mind active.

The charity ride was able to raise over $21,000 to benefit programs that help make a difference for individuals involved with their facility. The proceeds will allow for participants to lead productive lives and become closer to achieving independence.

Park Lawn logo

Hupy and Abraham Contributed to Aurora Health Care Foundation

The law firm’s donation helped to provide patients of the Milwaukee area access to vital services for better health care, enhance valuable programs on how to stay healthy, and help fund important clinical research.

Within in the last year, Aurora has taken great strides to help their patients and their families find exceptional health care. The foundation’s visiting nurse association caregivers traveled more than 3 million miles to support patients of all ages. More than 36,000 of the patients visited received critical medical equipment making it possible for them to recover from serious illnesses and surgeries. This allowed for patients to be comfortable within their own home.

The foundation was also able to help more than 4,000 uninsured residents within the city of Milwaukee receive the proper care they need. About 900 of the people seen were 18 years or younger. Many of the citizens who received treatment from the Aurora Health Care Foundation were survivors of sexual abuse and assault. The foundation is doing everything they can to ensure that everyone receives the proper health care, even if they don’t have insurance.

Personal injury law firm, Hupy and Abraham, is proud to help citizens of the Milwaukee area receive the proper health care needed to live strong, healthy lives.

Aurora Health Care logo

Attorney Hupy Published in Marquette University’s President’s Society 2012

Over the past year, Attorney Hupy has made generous donations to Marquette University. Attorney Hupy was recognized for his kindness by having his name published in the University's new President’s Society for 2012.

The President’s Society was created to thank and honor all benefactors whose generous annual giving helps the University’s on going needs. By providing students with a transformative, Catholic and Jesuit education, students are able to succeed and learn the true value of hard work and devotion to one’s school and community.

The President’s Society recognizes four giving levels throughout the year. Each level is named after a past president of the University. Attorney Hupy and his law firm were recognized for the highest giving level; the Lalumiere level. Attorney Hupy, along with other society members, will be published in the University’s “Honor Roll” of President’s Society members in Marquette Magazine and on the Marquette website.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee Luncheon


Hupy and Abraham sponsored the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee’s 96th Anniversary Celebration and Luncheon at the Italian Community Center on Thursday, September 6, 2012. Attended by numerous prominent law firms from Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin, the event was hosted by Legal Aid Society Executive Director Tom Cannon with the principal speaker as Attorney General of Wisconsin J.B. Van Hollen.

Attorney General Van Hollen spoke about his desire for and the importance of justice as opposed to “white cap” prosecutors who simply desire for guilty verdicts and putting people in jail. He recalled when a defending lawyer admitted wrongdoing to him in one of his first cases. “That was the defining moment of my career,” he stated in regards to the honesty, which ultimately caused that lawyer to lose his case, “whether in justice or not.”

The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee was founded in 1916 “to do all things necessary for the prevention of injustice” and is one of America’s oldest public-interest law firms, privileged to serve as advocate for Milwaukee’s poor for the past 96 years. The event also honored James E. Shapiro, Judge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Peter W. Bruce of Davis & Kuelthau S.C., and Mary Dobbs of Gary Dobbs Family Resource Center with Equal Justice medals.

Hupy and Abraham has been a sponsor of the Society’s annual luncheon for many years and contributes to the community regularly, including the Milwaukee Justice Center, which was co-founded by Attorney Michael Hupy and “utilizes volunteers to address the unmet legal needs of Milwaukee County's low-income unrepresented litigants through court-based programs and legal resources.”

Hupy and Abraham Contributed to Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services’ Luncheon of Champions, supported by Hupy and Abraham, was held at the Italian Community Center on Thursday June 14th, 2012. The luncheon consisted of information about the organization and an awards ceremony for the Women of Distinction Award.

Jewish Family Services is for anyone who practices the Jewish faith. Everything the organization does is guided by Jewish values of Chesed (loving kindness) and Tzedekah (righteousness, justice). These values help Jewish Family Services care for those among the Jewish community who are in need. This is seen not as a burden but as a mitzvah (obligation).

The recipients of the Women of Distinction Award were Doris H. Chortek and Sarah M. Dean. The organization also recognized Past Chair, Nathan Fishbach who passed away in September 2011.

Hupy and Abraham’s contribution to the organization will allow Jewish Family Services to assist clients in reaching their maximum potential and to lead fulfilled and rewarding lives.

Jewish Family Services logo

Hupy and Abraham Helped Victims of Abuse and Neglect

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you on behalf of the staff and the Board of Directors of Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center for their contribution to the 2012 Ron Boyland Motorcycle Ride. All proceeds from the event went directly to helping children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Safe Harbor first began its work as a child advocacy center in 1999. Since then, over 1,900 children who are suspected victims of child physical and/or sexual abuse have been interviewed by Safe Harbor.

Hupy and Abraham’s generous donation will continue to help support victims of child abuse and help provide comprehensive services to those who need it most.

Safe Harbor Logo

Hupy and Abraham Helped Wisconsin Association for Justice Provide DVDs to High Schools


The law firm of Hupy and Abraham recently made a donation of close to $2,000 to the Wisconsin Association of Justice’s (WAJ) Civil Justice Education Foundation to fund DVDs of the documentary “Hot Coffee” for 132 Wisconsin high schools.

“I think this is a great opportunity to spread the truth about the civil justice system to people at the right age to benefit from the lessons taught in the movie,” Attorney J. Michael End, Immediate Past President of WAJ, said.

“Hot Coffee” is a 2011 documentary, directed by Susan Saladoff, about the famous lawsuit against McDonald’s after Stella Liebeck spilled hot coffee on herself. Having been shown at numerous film festivals from Sundance to Los Angeles, the movie has received rave reviews from the Washington Post, Variety, and Hollywood Reporter.

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Black Excellence Awards

Hupy and Abraham sponsored the 27th Annual Black Excellence Awards honoring outstanding achievers within the community. The event was put together by the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper.

The newspaper’s motto is, “Journalistic excellence, service, integrity and objectivity always.” These are the same principles that can be found in those receiving the Black Excellence Award.

This year marked the 24th year that The Milwaukee Times has been able to assist Milwaukee area college-bound youth in furthering their education with funds from the Louvenia Johnson Journalism Scholarship Fund.

With the help of businesses and organizations like Hupy and Abraham, youth of Milwaukee will continue to receive scholarship for continuing education.

Black Excellence Awards event

Hupy and Abraham Helped Provide Housing for the Elderly

In 2012, Hupy and Abraham made a donation to Family House to help low income residents of Milwaukee have the homes and safety they deserve. Family House provides housing for low income elderly residents ages 55 and older.

Hupy and Abraham’s donation will be used for the Family House East construction project. The building will contain larger living facilities for seniors and health care under one roof.   It will also house space to be used for youth activities and large events.

Family House Logo

Hupy and Abraham Helped Fight Cancer

Hupy and Abraham made a donation to the Carbone Cancer Center, which is associated with the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health.

The UW Carbone Cancer Center provides cancer research, treatment, prevention and education for the state of Wisconsin. They are on the brink of understanding why cancer occurs and how we can intervene to prevent and successfully treat the disease.

Hupy and Abraham, along with the UW Carbone Cancer Center wants to help spare all families the suffering and tragedy this disease causes.

Carbone Cancer Center logo

Hupy and Abraham Helped Homeless Animals

Hupy and Abraham sponsored and participated in the Walk, Run, Wag for MADACC event on July 21, 2012. The law firm walked and ran in this event with their dogs in order to help support the cause.

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) rescues and assures safe, temporary shelter, veterinary, and humane care for over 13,000 stray, unwanted, abandoned, mistreated, and injured animals each year. This is more than any other animal control shelter in the state of Wisconsin.

MADACC works with over 75 area shelters and rescue groups to place homeless animals into adoption programs. This gives them a chance at finding a safe, loving home with responsible owners. Dogs and cats are available for adoption directly from MADACC. Low-cost spay/neuter assistance, rabies vaccinations, and micro-chipping services are also provided if needed.

The event raised over $15,000 from sponsorships and entries. Proceeds will be used to help with phase II of the MADACC outdoor kennel project. This includes kennel covers and other amenities to enhance the animals’ playtime outside.

Hupy and Abraham Contributed to Center For Communication, Hearing & Deafness

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you from the Center for Communication, Hearing & Deafness for their recent contribution to the organization.

The Center for Communication, Hearing & Deafness serves thousands of children, families and adults each year, to help them overcome the challenges of hearing loss and reach their goals in life.

Advanced hearing technology and increased knowledge about how hearing loss affects communication and learning are helping the organization make a stronger impact on children’s lives more than before. Through early intervention, children are able to develop the language and pre-literacy skills that they need to enter school ready to learn and achieve alongside their hearing peers and classmates.

Center for Communication Hearing and Deafness logo

Hupy and Abraham Supported Businesses of East Tosa

Chili’n on the Avenue is an annual event held to attract local and regional residents to discover the diverse businesses and vibrant neighborhood of East Tosa.  The law firm is proud to support Milwaukee’s only Nationally Sanctioned CASI Chili Competition. 

Chili’n on the Avenue, a street party and chili cook off, was held on Saturday July 21st, 2012.  Over 5,000 people attended the 2012 event, which took place on North Avenue between 68th and 71st street in Wauwatosa, WI.  The family friendly event not only allowed attendees to watch chefs prepare their chili, but to also hear music from Paul Cebar, Saturday Night Preachers and John Stano, as well as sample food from local restaurants and shop in the marketplace. The neighborhood was filled with friendly competition, much of it from the South! This year, the top three winners went to all Illinois residents! 

  1. Wes Carlson  –Loves Park, IL
  2. Bill Pierson  –Batavia, IL
  3. Jim Weller  -Rockton, IL

Tosa did come through, keeping one title; the People’s Choice Champion went to Wauwatosa’s own DOS SOMBREROS. 

Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you from Meg Miller, the Board Chair of the East Tosa Alliance, for the law firm’s sponsorship of the Chili’n on the Avenue street festival. Money raised at Chili'n on the Avenue will be used for current and future development of the East North Avenue neighborhood in Wauwatosa. 


Chilin on the Avenue event in 2012 

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Milwaukee Urban League Black and White Ball

Hupy and Abraham sponsored the 27th Annual Milwaukee Urban League Black and White Ball on June 16, 2012 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center.

Over 900 guests attended the popular event to help raise funds for Milwaukee Urban League’s education, employment, economic development and entrepreneurship programs. The event’s successful evening led to over $337,000 raised.

The Milwaukee Urban League strives to help clients overcome barriers to employment with the goal of assisting them to enter the workforce with livable wages. They have initiated programs to increase minority business ownership, which provide economic stability and generate wealth in our community.

Milwaukee Urban League Black and White Ball event

Hupy and Abraham Thanked for Support of Brewfest

Milwaukee’s premier outdoor event, Milwaukee Brewfest, sent a personal thank you to Hupy and Abraham for sponsorship of their summer festival.

The weather could not have been more perfect for a great day of beer tasting and enjoyment along Milwaukee’s beautiful lakefront. Attendees at the event took part in games, exciting displays, delicious food, live entertainment and crafted beers.

The highlight of the event that almost everyone looks forward to year after year is the voting and crowning of the Milwaukee Brewfest Queen.

Over 4,500 people attended the Milwaukee summer event. Nearly 80 breweries with more than 250 various forms of craft beer and hard ciders to sample were available to guests.

Hupy and Abraham was present at the event helping to spread the word about not texting while driving.

Hupy and Abraham Supported Local Business

Iron Horse Hotel, one of Milwaukee’s premier hotels and recent winners of the boutique hotel of the year award, received a contribution from Hupy and Abraham in 2012. The hotel can be found on the outskirts of downtown Milwaukee near the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The hotel has been a supporter of Hupy and Abraham for the last few years as well as rider’s rights and safety. During the summer months, the law firm’s street team can be found on their beautiful outdoor patio and bar handing out “WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES” bumper stickers and Sturgis calendar cards.

Hupy and Abraham supports many local businesses in the Milwaukee area such as the Iron Horse Hotel.

The Iron Horse Hotel Logo         The Iron Horse Hotel Building

Hupy and Abraham Supported Diabetes Research

Hupy and Abraham, supported the 2012 Thunder Run, a fundraising event benefiting diabetes research. The event was created with the intention to help end diabetes once and for all. The Thunder Run is a fund-raising event benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

In 1997, the Capital City Riders Motorcycle Club (CC Riders) approached Al Decker of Decker Harley-Davidson, wanting to have a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. Decker, himself having diabetes, thought this would be a great opportunity for the community.

Today, the event is designed for all motorcycle enthusiasts to help raise money for the American Diabetes Association’s critical research initiatives, educational programs and support services. This year’s Ride for the Cure raised over $77,000.

Hupy and Abraham supports the Thunder Run and the fight to end diabetes.

Thunder Run Logo

Attorney Hupy Thanked by Center for Teaching and Entrepreneurship

Attorney Michael Hupy, member of the board of directors for the Center for Teaching and Entrepreneurship (CTE), received a thank you letter from the executive director for his hard work and dedication to the community.

Attorney Hupy has been on the board of directors for CTE for 15 years. Director of CTE, ReDonna Rogers, speaks very highly of Attorney Hupy by stating, “You are the epitome of excellence, integrity and boldness.”

The CTE provides a “vehicle” for young people to explore, be challenged, and to not only find their way but to make their way. The CTE desires to spread hope, love and act on the belief that young people possess tremendous abilities. Parents, schools, churches and the community must give children opportunities to learn and lead.

Thank you letter written from ReDonna

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Friedens Community Ministries Food for Thought Dinner

On August 8, 2012, Hupy and Abraham sponsored the Friedens Community Ministries Food for Thought Annual Dinner at the Wisconsin Club. The total revenue for the evening’s event exceeded $15,000.

Friedens Community Ministries is a non-profit food pantry located near Marquette University in downtown Milwaukee. Their mission is to provide needy residents in Milwaukee County with healthy, nutritious food. The pantry believes that feeding the hungry is not only their responsibility as Christians; it is a basic human instinct to help those who are less fortunate.

After the event, Hupy and Abraham received a personal thank you from the executive director of Friedens Community Ministries for the law firm’s sponsorship of their 2012 Annual Dinner.

Friedens Community Ministries

Hupy and Abraham Supported U.S. Veterans

Hupy and Abraham made a donation to the “Roar on Sheboygan’s Shore” fundraising program for United States Veterans. The event was put together by the Vets Journey Home USA program.

Some Veterans return home and are unappreciated, so they hide their service from their family and friends. Other Veterans, welcomed home as heroes, find it difficult to talk of moments of doubt, regrets or fears. Survivor’s guilt haunts many, and is hard to deal with alone. For some, thoughts of “I didn’t do enough” or I could have done better” are too shameful to share.

Vets Journey Home is a place for Veterans to tell their story. Those who come for help will not be judged or blamed for actions and decisions that needed to be made. The organization is a place of unconditional regard for all emotions, from fellow veterans and compassionate civilians.

Soldiers are given an opportunity to heal from the emotional wounding experienced in military service. Vets Journey Home believes, “It's finally time for Veterans to come home--in a good way.”

Vets Journey Home Logo

Hupy and Abraham Sponsored Event Honoring Neighborhood House Teen

Hupy and Abraham sponsored and attended the Neighborhood House dinner on Thursday, November 1, 2012 at the Pfister Hotel. The event honored Northwestern Mutual and Neighborhood House teen, Dyrell Minor.

Minor was awarded the Ray Woods Youth Award for his efforts in becoming a responsible and mature young adult. Minor has been involved with the Neighborhood House program since he was 12 years old. Since joining the organization, Minor has worked hard on staying out of trouble, respecting others, improving his vocabulary and becoming involved with the community in a positive way. Minor will be attending college in fall 2013.

Neighborhood House provides programming to more than 3,000 low-income children, teens and families. Through its programs participants develop their potential, achieve self-sufficiency and take personal responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Neighborhood House dinner event

Hupy and Abraham Joined Fight to Cure Paralysis

Hupy and Abraham made a contribution to the Run/Walk/Roll event for the Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation (BRPF). The event took place on October 7, 2012.  Over 430 participants were in attendance to help fund the necessary research to end paralysis.

In 1998, the life of a Marquette student, Bryon Riesch, was changed forever. A devastating accident left Riesch paralyzed from the chest down, with limited use of his arms. In order to assist Bryon and his family through this difficult time, friends and family formed BRPF. The organization was established in 2001. Since its establishment, the organization has raised nearly $2 million.

The goal of the organization is to find a cure for paralysis through funding the latest medical research and to provide assistance to those that suffer from neurological disorders. This research not only benefits people with spinal cord injuries but also stroke victims, people diagnosed with ALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other neurological disorders.

The Run/Walk/Roll raised over $27,000 with the help of sponsors like Hupy and Abraham.

Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation logo

Hupy and Abraham Donated Holiday Meals

Hupy and Abraham donated hundreds of holiday meals to needy families in the Milwaukee area during the 2012 Thanksgiving season. Each family who received a donation from the firm was given a basket filled with all the ingredients to prepare a complete holiday meal for eight to ten people.

It has been the firm’s tradition for over a decade to make these charitable contributions in lieu of sending holiday cards to clients. This holiday season Hupy and Abraham will donate over $15,000 to various food banks and organizations in the communities we serve to feed the hungry and less fortunate. 

Over 120 families within the Milwaukee area also received baskets for Christmas on December 19, 2012. Attorney Chad Kreblin helped to hand out the meals for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Shopping for Holiday Meals food

Our commitment to our community continues. Please browse our library articles for more information about specific causes that we have support.


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