On February 23, 2015, Hupy and Abraham attended “The Fresh Start: Employment After Conviction” education event presented by Nehemiah Community Services at Villard Square Library in Milwaukee. The Black History Month event served as a community education seminar.

A volunteer and attendee for an education event getting settled in
Hupy and Abraham distributed legal resources to guests at the event.

Several members from the legal field discussed individuals’ legal rights and a presentation about the incarceration rates of black males. Wisconsin has the highest incarceration rate for black males in the United States and there are very few opportunities for ex-offenders to easily return to the workforce. Hupy and Abraham distributed additional legal resources and more information on how the public can handle their legal cases.

Nehemiah Community Services is a nonprofit organization that assists in transforming individuals on Milwaukee’s northwest side and focuses on “rebuilding the walls” of community and economic development through external liberation.

Hupy and Abraham has worked on creating more possibilities to educate the community on their legal rights for decades. In 2014, firm president Michael Hupy was named a principal benefactor to the Milwaukee Justice Center for pledging $100,000 to help the center’s launch

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