For a family, deciding to get a dog is an exciting time. Going to pick out their new family member makes for life-long memories. Having a new puppy around brings a lot of joy into a family. Families come together, research, and discuss what they are looking for in the dog that will best fit in their family.

It is important that a new dog owner knows and understands how to find the right puppy for her family. Unfortunately, many families quickly pick the first dog they come to, only to later have behavioral problems with the dog. This is often the cause of dog bites in Gurnee.

When going to pick out a new puppy for the family, a few things that should be kept in mind are:

  • Look extensively. When looking for a puppy, check out as many puppies as possible. Take the time to check different kennels or homes where the puppies are. Take note on how clean it is, how it smells, and how the other dogs look.
  • Watch the puppy. When trying to decide on which puppy the family will be taking home, be patient. Sit back and watch the puppies interact. Examine how the puppy plays with the others.
  • Play with the pup. Take the time to interact and play with the puppy. Get down and have some fun with the puppy. See how well the puppy plays with each family member. Be wary of a puppy that is standoffish or overaggressive.
  • Hold the pup. After finding the potential puppy, hold him and cuddle him. Notice how the puppy reacts to being held. If the puppy is annoyed, it might not be a good fit for the family.

Although you take the time and responsibility to get a good dog, that doesn’t mean other people will do the same. If a dog has bitten you in Illinois, contact a Gurnee dog bite attorney to seek compensation. Call 866-625-2299 today for a free case evaluation and to request a FREE copy of our dog bite brochure.


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