You are struggling with your own recovery after your Milwaukee car accident. You are in physical pain and you are unable to do the things that you normally do. Your life is disrupted and you are scared; yet you understand what has happened and you trust that your doctors and Milwaukee car accident lawyers can work to make things better for you.

Your children, however, do not understand. They are scared. How can you help them through this difficult time?

Helping Your Kids Cope with Your Milwaukee Car Accident Injuries

Every child is different and you know your child best. What works for some children may be inappropriate for other children. However, as a parent you may consider:

  • Talking to your child in age-appropriate terms. What is appropriate for your two-year-old is different from what is appropriate for your eight-year-old. Allow your child to lead the conversation and ask any questions that he or she might have. Answer as truthfully as you can and make sure that your child knows that he or she can come directly to you with any questions.
  • Making sure your child has someone else to talk to about your injury. Your child may not want to burden you with his or own fears. Thus, it can be comforting for your child to be able to talk honestly with his or her other parent, another relative, a trusted teacher, a religious leader, a coach, a professional counselor, or another adult whom you and your child both trust.
  • Keeping your child’s routine consistent. To the extent possible, keep your child’s routine the same as it was prior to your accident. Get the help that you need to transport your child to school and to activities, keep meal and bedtime routines the same, and encourage your child to lead his or her life the way it was led prior to the accident.

Our Milwaukee car accident lawyers understand that some of these things cost money, which may be tight after an accident. We may be able to help you recover compensation for out of pocket costs and we may be able to suggest other resources for you.

Call an Experienced Milwaukee Accident Lawyer to Help Your Family

By taking the steps necessary to help yourself you are also helping your children. Please call an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800 and please download a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims, to learn more.