Whether the dog hurt you or your child, there are different ways a family can suffer after one sustains a dog attack. The person who was bitten may be in significant pain and require medical treatment. Additionally, the victim and any involved family, may also be experiencing financial pain because of the costs of treating the dog bite—as well as emotional trauma from the horror of the injury.

Fight Back to Recover From All Injuries

You may sleep better at night if you know that you have done everything possible to fight back and to protect all of your family’s interests after a dog bite accident. Accordingly, you and the dog bite victim may benefit from:

  • Medical help. The dog bite victim should get immediate medical attention and in some cases may need ongoing medical attention and plastic surgery to minimize the scarring and permanent damage done by the dog.
  • Psychological help. You may need help from a psychologist, social worker, clergy member, or other therapist after a dog bite. Dog bites can be frightening and you may benefit from the help of a professional therapist.
  • Legal help. A Des Moines dog bite injury lawyer can help you fight for the legal and financial recoveries that you deserve.

Only you can know what you really need to get through this difficult time.

Call an Attorney Experienced In Dog Bite Cases Today 

If you are wondering how a Hupy and Abraham lawyer can be part of the team that provides you with help during this difficult time then we encourage you to contact us today for an initial consultation. Our lawyers will work hard to get you the fair and just recovery that you deserve so that you do not have to lay awake at night worrying.

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