You may be eligible for compensation if a property owner failed to keep you safe

Property and business owners have a responsibility to provide appropriate safety precautions for customers, clients, and guests on their properties.

What Is Considered Appropriate?

Generally, Iowa businesses have a duty to provide security that is reasonable given the kind of business that occurs on the property, the size of the property, and the likelihood that there could be trouble.

While not every property is required to have the same security measures in place, it is important to consider whether the following security precautions were in place if you or a loved one were hurt:

  • Adequate staffing. Witnesses, such as employees, may discourage a would-be attacker from committing a crime and hurting someone. Additionally, if a business is appropriately staffed then employees may have time to notice someone acting suspiciously or someone who does not belong on the property.
  • Properly trained staff. It is important for staff to be trained so that they can identify people who may be a potential danger and so that they can take action if an attack or an assault occurs.
  • Sufficient lighting. Lighting may make it easier for witnesses to identify a suspect and can be a low cost safety feature that helps protect people from the serious injuries of an attack or assault.
  • Appropriate barriers such as fences or locks. Locks, fences, and other barriers may help discourage an attack because would-be attackers may find it difficult to access the property.

If you were hurt and you believe that the property or business owner or failed to provide you with reasonable security for one of these reasons—or for any other reason—then it is important to know what to do next.

The property or business owner may have some liability for your injuries. If the property owner failed to take reasonable and appropriate actions to keep you safe, then you may have a negligent security case against the property or business owner, and you may be able to recover damages for the injuries that you have suffered.

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