Your negligent security case begins at the district courthouse

In order to protect your right to a fair recovery, you must file a negligent security case in an Iowa state court before the statute of limitations expires, and that filing must meet all of the court’s requirements. If you fail to take this action before the statute of limitations expires, then you may be unable to recover the damages that you deserve even if the property owner was negligent. Thus, while it is possible for you to start a negligent security case on your own, you may benefit from working with an experienced negligent security lawyer who can make sure that all of the requirements for beginning a case are met within the required timeframe.

What Needs to Be Filed

A negligent security case should be filed in an Iowa District Court, and should include a…

  • Civil Petition Cover Sheet. This identifies the nature of your lawsuit and provides statistical information for the court.
  • Form of Original Notice for Personal Service. This form tells that the court that you have legally notified the defendant(s) of the lawsuit according to the required procedures.
  • Petition. This pleading, also known as a complaint, tells the court why you are filing a lawsuit, why the property owner was negligent, the injuries that you suffered, and the damages that you are seeking.
  • Filing fee. Every case should include the required filing fee in order to be processed.

If additional documents or pleadings are necessary to file your claim, then your attorney can advise you as to the specific documents needed for your case.

For more information about how a negligent security case works in Iowa or to get started protecting your rights after a negligent security incident, please call us anytime at 1-800-800-5678. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation and to help you get the recovery that you deserve if you have been hurt in an attack or assault on someone else’s property that lacked reasonable security.

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