Holiday Travel Tips for 2020


The 2020 holiday season for traveling will be unlike any other in recent memory. While there are a plethora of diseases in the world, none has affected everyday life, such as COVID-19. As a result of this ongoing pandemic, various things have changed this year. Travel by plane is down by record numbers, road trips are happening more frequently and quarantines are imposed based on where you travel. 


For anyone willing to travel this year, it will undoubtedly test your mental grit with changes and restrictions happening almost daily. Whether you are driving, flying or just visiting friends and family in the same town, this article will provide tips to make your travel plans safer and less stressful. 


  1. Cancellations: While cancellations happen from time to time, they are more apparent this year because of the holiday season combined with the current pandemic. Ensuring flexibility with your travel plans and preparing for the worst-case scenario will be essential for upcoming flights.  
  2. Flight times: If you want to avoid as many people as possible when flying, try to book your flight for the earliest or latest possible flight. Not everyone is an early bird or a night owl. Most individuals prefer to travel mid-day. Booking your flight around these times can help with avoiding crowds and less stress. 
  3. Flexibility: Being flexible this season will benefit you the most. From departure, arrival, travel time and many other factors, it will reduce the potential of additional stress should something go astray. 


  1. Packing: If you're traveling long distances this season, make sure to pack everything you will need. This includes jumper cables, shovels, first-aid kits along with your traditional luggage. Doing this will help prepare you for any inclement weather.
  2. Notification: Delays are bound to happen when on a road trip during the winter season. Be sure to inform family and friends of your whereabouts at all times and any other important information. Having more than one person knowing your location at all times is vital when traveling. 
  3. Patience: As stated earlier, road tripping in the winter season presents more risks. With multiple environmental hazards at play, it's crucial to have patience and give yourself time on the road. Doing this will alleviate any unnecessary risk that you may put on yourself and your family. 


  1. CDC guidelines: With updates and changes happening every day regarding the pandemic, it's essential to check with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines for updated information regularly. 
  2. Quarantines: Depending on where you travel, some areas will have a mandatory quarantine in place. If this is the case, be sure to plan accordingly to give yourself and your family enough time to do so. 
  3. Virtual: Much like Thanksgiving and Halloween, having a virtual Christmas celebration can be a safe alternative. While it is still advised not to host large gatherings by the CDC, having a virtual celebration will allow you to celebrate with your loved ones safely.


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