Topping our wish list this season are safe and joyous celebrations for you and your loved ones. As you shop and celebrate, here are some tips on avoiding dangerous toys for your family and friends.

1.) Keep dangerous toys clear of your loved ones. Always consider age, interests and skill level. Follow the label’s age and safety information, and be alert to toddlers getting into toys purchased for older siblings.

2.) Avoid choking hazards. To cut down on risks, buy big toys, not toys with small parts. For children under 3, avoid any toy small enough to fit entirely into a toilet paper tube.

3.) Keep batteries away from small children. Shiny batteries are attractive to children. Be careful with toys containing batteries and keep them away, as battery acid can cause serious injuries.

4.) Bypass excessive noise when it comes to buying toys for children. Avoid toys that seem too loud for you, as they are probably too loud for your child’s sensitive ears.

5.) Choose nontoxic materials. Toys that are made of plastic or metals may contain unsafe chemicals. Choose toys made of unpainted wood or cloth instead.