Donate Blood Save A Life The Milwaukee Center, home to Hupy and Abraham’s main office, hosts quarterly blood drives for the Blood Center of Wisconsin. On Tuesday, April 12, seven Hupy and Abraham employees took time out of their workday to donate blood. 

During each drive, the firm encourages employees to donate and allows them to give blood during work time. After working regularly with victims of serious accidents, Hupy and Abraham employees know better than most the importance of donating life-saving blood. A single pint of blood has the ability to save up to three lives.

Employees who donated reported that a donation only takes approximately 45 minutes. But, the Blood Center of Wisconsin, the only supplier of blood products in Wisconsin, states that fewer than five percent of eligible donors actually donate. As a personal injury law firm, Hupy and Abraham is committed to saving lives, and is very proud of its employees who volunteered to donate. 

Hupy and Abraham employees also contribute to their community in other ways. Last year, firm employees took part in Lee Denim Day to benefit the American Cancer Society, raising over $400. In 2014, the firm also won the United Preforming Arts Fund’s Workplace Giving Challenge, for the largest increase in employee participation.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham