Five Important Fall Bicycle Safety Tips

The fall months can be some of the most dangerous for bicyclists on the roads and it’s important to know and take the necessary steps to avoid injuries. With cold and wet weather, bicycle riders would do well to follow these five simple safety tips to ensure they reach their destination safe and sound.

  1. Be aware of slippery spots: Most roads have metal on them somewhere. Railroad tracks, sheet metal patches and manhole covers all get incredibly slick in wet weather and it’s important to steer clear whenever possible. Slow down and ride carefully whenever these surfaces can’t be avoided.
  2. Feather your brakes: Dirt and moisture can get into your braking mechanism and squeezing them all the way down often proves ineffective as a result. To combat this, it’s important to continually feather your brakes to clear out debris, which could prevent safe braking, to ensure you stop when you want.
  3. Stay visible: Days are much shorter in the fall months and cyclists often take to the roads before the sun rises. To ensure you stay visible to drivers and others on the road and avoid accidents, cyclists should employ a high visibility vest, reflectors and lights.
  4. Keep your bicycle maintained: Riding through wet and dirty roads can kick up dirt and grime that can get caught in your bike chain. To prevent your chain from rusting or seizing up, ensure that you regularly clean it and replace it if necessary.
  5. Maintain clear vision: Wet weather can often pose serious problems to clear vision and keeping the moisture out of your vision is imperative for safe riding. Special riding glasses or visors can help to keep your eyes clear of raindrops and ensure your vision is never compromised.

While fall weather can make riding your bicycle a bit more difficult and dangerous, slight adjustments and preparations are all you need to maintain your safety on the road. Following these tips will help to keep you safe on the roads, but the most important rule of all is to use common sense. Avoid unsafe roads and conditions and abstain from riding in extreme situations.

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