E-Scooters No Longer Prohibited Downtown Milwaukee

As of August 3, electric scooters are no longer prohibited in Milwaukee’s downtown area due to excessive sidewalk riding. Roughly 30% of riders were observed riding on the sidewalk, which is triple the limit that was authorized by the city. Scooters will now automatically shut down when the scooter enters a zone where it is prohibited. Milwaukee is split into six zones for the pilot study created for e-scooters. Currently, scooters are only prohibited from zone one which covers mainly the downtown area.

Spin, Lime and Bird scooters made their return to Milwaukee in May for the first time since their original Pilot Study in 2019. After over 290,000 rides in June and July, the e-scooters proved to be a hot commodity this summer, making this new prohibition a big deal for those who may have relied on scooters for transportation. Milwaukee is putting the pressure on e-scooter companies to enforce safety restrictions with this new mandate.

These safety restrictions and guides include:

  • Follow the same rules and street paths as bicycle riders.
  • Avoid riding and parking e-scooters on the Riverwalk.
  • Park the scooter on a sidewalk that is more than 5 ft. wide after you finish your ride. A violation of this rule is punishable with a fine of up to $100.
  • Do not ride in tandem. The scooters are designed to transport one person safely at a time.
  • Avoid using an e-scooter if you are under 18 years old.
  • Bring your own helmet.
  • Avoid using an e-scooter if you are intoxicated.
  • Download the apps and upload information before you start riding.
  • Use both hands when riding a scooter.


Not following proper safety restrictions, you or a loved one could be harmed while using an e-scooter. Of the 350,130 electric scooter rides recorded in 2019,  22 falls with no injuries, eight falls with injuries and four car and scooter crashes.

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