Driving With Caution: Tips for Driving In The Fog

Whether you are traveling by motorcycle or car, traveling in fog presents its own set of hazards for all individuals. It can be hard to predict when you may encounter fog on your daily commutes. In the instance that you do encounter fog, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Like other inclement weather conditions, there are precautions you and your loved ones can take in order to navigate and reach your destination safely. Below are five driving tips you can implement should you find yourself traveling through the fog. 


  1. Speed: Reducing your speed is essential when traveling through foggy weather. Depending on how dense the fog is, it could cause you to see objects in front of you later than you normally would on a clear day. Driving at a slower pace will give you a greater reaction time should you need to brake abruptly. 
  2. Distractions: When driving, your attention should always be on the road. This is even more imperative when driving in the fog and your field of view is reduced. Eliminate any and all distractions that may take your attention away from the road. This includes turning off the radio or asking your passengers to keep the noise level down. 
  3. Fog lights: Most cars are equipped with fog lights. These are extremely beneficial and key for visibility in dense fog. No matter the time of day or night, headlights will allow you to see better and allow other drivers to know of your presence. Be sure not to use your high-beam lights. This may seem like a good idea at first, but your high beams can create glare, further reducing your visibility. 
  4. Clean windshield: Dense fog can create moisture to build on your windshield, further decreasing your vision. Turning on your defroster and having well-maintained windshield wipers will ensure that moisture buildup will not occur. 
  5. Pullover: In some extreme cases, it's best to pull over on the side of the road if the fog is too dense. It's crucial to find a safe spot to pull over, as other drivers will not be able to see you until they are at a very close distance. Try to find a public area to park in rather than on the side of the road if the option is available to you. 


Driving through the fog can be an intimidating endeavor. Implementing these tips can help you navigate the weather and ensure you make it to your destination safely. For more resources and articles, CLICK HERE.

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