A person cleaning their motorcycle's engine to keep up with maintenance.

Keeping your bike in top condition helps keep you safer on the road. Even though many riders own motorcycles, many of them don’t keep up on maintenance. There’s nothing wrong with taking your bike to an expert to handle hard jobs, but there are many things that you can do yourself to keep your motorcycle in good condition, even if you’re not a mechanic.

To keep your motorcycle running smoothly, keep up with these essential tasks.

Changing the Oil: Making sure that your oil is changed and ready for the road is one of the most basic maintenance tasks that you can do to help your motorcycle. Keeping up with regular oil changes will make sure that your engine runs smoothly and that your motorcycle will stay on the road with a longer life. Your bike’s owner's manual will tell you the type of oil to use and how often you should change it. Check out this video we put together on how to change your motorcycle oil.

Air Filter Replacement: An air filter is very important to your bike because it helps keep the engine clean and debris-free. Making sure you replace it regularly will keep your engine at top performance and will help your gas mileage. With a dirty air filter, your bike will not be running at the condition it should be. This process will be outlined in your bike’s owner’s manual as well.

Chain Maintenance: Periodically, you should adjust the tension of your motorcycle’s chain. If the chain does not have the proper tension, it can slip and cause damage to your bike. A chain that is too loose or too tight can also affect the handling and performance of your bike. Make sure you research the proper chain tension for your bike so you can adjust it properly. You’ll also want to clean and lubricate the chain to help it, as well as the sprockets, last longer. Make sure you use motorcycle specific chain cleaner and lubricant.

Brake Check: Having reliable brakes on your motorcycle is essential to keeping safe on the road. Frequently check your brake pads for signs of wear and replace them when necessary. If your brake pads get too worn down, you won’t be able to stop as reliably and that could lead to an accident. You’ll want to make sure your brake fluid is topped off and replace it when the time comes, according to your motorcycle’s owner’s manual.

Keeping up on your motorcycle’s maintenance will keep your bike running smoothly so you can ride it for years to come while making your rides safer. If you’re not comfortable with completing any of these tasks, take your bike to a qualified mechanic to get the job done.

Hupy and Abraham is dedicated to keeping motorcyclists safe. The firm’s “Watch for Motorcycles” campaign promotes motorcycle awareness and we also work to inform riders of the safest practices while on the road. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, we’re here to help, call 800-800-5678 or visit HUPY.COM today.

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