Many Appleton car accident injuries occur on high-traffic roads and freeways

It is impossible to know whether or not you are sharing the road with safe drivers – but you can find out if the roads you drive every day are safe or not. Unfortunately, because of our unsafe area roads, you are at risk for a car accident every time you leave your driveway – regardless of how defensively you drive.

Green Bay and Appleton drivers, we want you to know where most of the accidents occur in our area.

The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham discovered the most high-traffic areas in Appleton, based on information from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, to give you an idea of where the risk of an accident might be lurking.

Poorly designed roads and intersections, poorly maintained roads, or roads overdue for improvements can all contribute to a serious car wreck. A fair number of the nearly 30,000 Wisconsin injury car accidents in 2009 were likely due to one of these roadway or intersection issues.

Dangerous Roads and Highways in Appleton & Green Bay

The majority of Appleton and Green Bay car accidents happen on high-volume roads, during heavy traffic hours. The busier a road, the more likely an accident will happen. Roads that see a lot of traffic in the Appleton area include:

  • US – 41
  • US – 10
  • WIS 125 - Often called Highway 125 or South 125
  • WIS 47 - Commonly referred to as Highway 47 or South 47
  • WIS 96 - Also known as Highway 96 or South 96
  • WIS 15 - Also called Highway 15 or South

Other potentially dangerous roads in Appleton include Richmond Street, Owaissa Street, Ballard Road, and the Tri-County Bridge. Traffic on these roads is determined to be anywhere from 12,000 to 17,000 cars per day, according to Wisconsin DOT.

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