How much do you know about the dangers facing motorists on Madison’s roads and highways?

Accident-prone roads and intersections in Madison may not seem dangerous if you are passing through them every single day, but a car crash can happen to anyone at any time.

A recent report from the Madison City Traffic and Engineering Division, based on Wisconsin DOT data, examined and ranked the dangerous roads that we all drive every day. Most of last year’s 4,753 crashes occurred in daylight and under favorable weather conditions – it doesn’t take a dark, stormy night or bad weather for collisions to occur.

Not only are some of these roads inherently unsafe, but increasingly impatient, distracted drivers contribute to accidents on unsafe roads when they fail to yield, make unsafe turns, run red lights, and tailgate.

Dangerous Intersections in Madison

Most car accidents in Madison happen at high-traffic intersections during peak traffic hours.

  1. Madison’s worst intersection, according to the city report, is West Badger Road and South Park Street.
  2. The second is Commercial Avenue and North Thompson Drive.
  3. Third place is a three-way tie among:
    South Midvale Boulevard and Mineral Point Road
    Portage and Thierer Roads
    South Blair Street and John Nolen Drive

The Madison Police Department has released its own statistics, pointing out several intersections along Stoughton Road as particularly unsafe.  These intersections include:

  • South Stoughton and Buckeye Roads
  • Stoughton Road and Highway 30
  • North Stoughton Road and East Washington Avenue

Dangerous Roads and Highways in Madison

East Washington Avenue’s 3700 and 3800 blocks top the list of non-intersection crash locations in Madison, followed by the 1200 block of Williamson Street and the 2200 block of South Park Street.

In addition, a study produced by the Wisconsin DOT South West region examining needed safety improvements on the Madison Beltline noted the following:

  • There are over 600 crashes per year on the Madison Beltline.
  • The Beltline is one of few locations in the United States where four US highways run concurrently on the same roadway. This heavy mix of commercial and passenger vehicle traffic can result in serious wrecks.
  • Capacity and level of service are substandard, while many features of the Beltline do not meet current design standards. Substandard curves, lack of median shields, below-standard vertical clearance on bridges, and more contribute to car crashes every day on the Beltline.

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