Checklist for properly storing motorcycles

Much to the dismay of many riders, winter is coming. While some riders are on the road no matter what the weather, a lot of us need to store our bikes over the winter months. Properly storing your motorcycle will keep it in good shape so that it’s ready to ride in spring. To properly store your motorcycle, follow this checklist.

  • Find a proper storage location. A great storage space will be in a secure location, have enough room for your bike and be climate controlled.
  • Take care of your battery. You’ll want to make sure your battery doesn’t drain while your bike is in storage. Attaching a battery tender to your bike’s battery will guarantee that it charged when you take it out of storage in the spring.
  • Add fuel stabilizer. While your bike is sitting in storage, the fuel can rot and rust your gas tank from the inside. Adding the correct amount of fuel stabilizer and topping off the gas tank on your last ride of the year will keep this from happening.
  • Use a center stand. It’s important to keep your tires in good condition. If they are sitting on the ground during storage, they can develop flat spots or dry rot. Make sure your bike is propped up on its center stand if it has one. It’s best to purchase a stand if your bike doesn’t have one, so you don’t have to deal with tire issues down the line.
  • Wash your bike. If you let any dirt, grime or bugs stay on your bike, it can damage the paint and finish. Make sure your bike is washed and dried. Adding wax will add another layer of protection and it will look fresh on the first ride of the next season.
  • Change the oil. It’s a good idea to have a new filter and fresh clean oil sitting in your bike while it’s stored away. It’s one more thing you won’t have to worry about when you’re ready to take your bike back on the road.

This checklist will help make sure that your bike stays in great riding condition throughout the winter months. If you have any questions about storing your bike or are unsure about what to do, many motorcycle dealerships and shops offer winter storage for a fee and will take care of everything for you.

Hupy and Abraham has been an advocate for motorcycle riders for decades by promoting awareness with our “Watch For Motorcycles” campaign. We’ve even put together a video showing proper winter storage tips that you can watch here. For more important riding news and tips, stay tuned to

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