Bad driving habits


Every driver wants to be as comfortable as possible while in his or her vehicle. Unfortunately, that comfortability can sometimes cause certain habits to form that are not ideal for that individual or others on the road. Bad driving habits may cause a myriad of issues, such as wear on your car, crashes, and traffic violations.  


It is important to be cognizant if you find yourself developing any of these habits on the road and alleviate them as soon as possible. This article will go over common bad habits that drivers develop while on the road. 


  1. Speeding: Everyone has done this at one point or another during his or her driving career. It's easy to disregard the speed limit and cruise at your own speed. Doing this, however, increases the likelihood of you receiving a ticket and increases the chance of you causing an accident. Being mindful of the speed limits will ensure that you are not putting yourself and others in unnecessary danger. 
  2. Tailgating: Unfortunately, this happens far too often on the road and multiple rear-end accidents result from it. If you're not familiar with tailgating, it is essentially where a vehicle follows behind another vehicle at a close distance. This is dangerous because if the car in front were to brake abruptly, the car behind would not have enough time to break without hitting the car in front. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you leave enough distance between you and the driver in front of you. If a driver is tailgating you, the best action to take is to switch lanes to avoid any potential accidents. 
  3. Running stop signs: Even if the streets look clear, it's good practice to refrain from driving through stop signs. Coming to a complete stop is always the safest way to cross an intersection. If you drive through an intersection that isn't an all-way stop, you may cause an accident. 
  4. Running lights: Far too often, you will see individuals speed up when a light turns yellow or even red. Doing this severely increases the risk of a crash, or even could lead to a ticket violation. When approaching a yellow light, it is best to slow down and prepare to stop rather than speeding up.  
  5. Signaling: Another major problem that plagues the roads are drivers who don't signal when changing lanes. Failing to signal makes you unpredictable to other drivers on the road and makes you a hazard. Always use your signals to notify other drivers of your intentions. 
  6. Sudden stops:  Sudden stops wear on your brakes faster and make it more difficult for the driver behind you to brake as well. Easing on your brakes when approaching traffic lights or stop signs is the best approach for your car and other drivers on the road. 


It's easy to subconsciously form habits on the road for many drivers. Making sure to spot those habits and alleviate them as soon as possible will not only benefit you but also benefit others on the road. For more information and resources, visit


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