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Spring is here in the Midwest and motorcycle enthusiasts can finally hit the road again. However, before embarking on the first ride of the season, it's crucial to ensure that your motorcycle is in optimal condition for both your own safety and the safety of others on the road.

To avoid danger on the road, here are some essential checks to perform before your first spring motorcycle ride.

First off, you’ll want to check your bike for small animals and other debris. During the winter, small animals such as mice like to set up nests in a motorcycle's exhaust and air intake systems. Check both of these components to make sure there is nothing blocking either of them, whether it is a nest, leaves, dirt or other debris.

Next, you’ll want to inspect the bike’s electrical system. This includes all of the wiring, gauges, lights, switches and turn signals. Making sure you do this before your first spring ride will prevent headaches later down the road. You don’t want to be in the middle of your ride and realize that your headlight doesn’t work or that your fuel gauge is malfunctioning. You’ll also want to inspect your spark plugs since any issue with them will prevent your motorcycle from starting. Make sure the caps in the spark plugs have the proper spacing and replace them if they are worn.

Now that your electrical system is inspected, you’ll need to check all of your motorcycle’s fluid levels. All fluids need to be at the proper level for the bike to run properly. Make sure your gasoline, hydraulic fluid and brake fluids didn’t deteriorate over the winter. Look at the color of each fluid and replace any that look dirty or significantly different than the color of new fluid.

Finally, check your bike for loose bolts. You don’t want to encounter any unusual rumblings or vibrations that could affect your riding. Making sure everything on your bike is tightened and ready to go will ensure a safe first ride!

These checks are often overlooked, but are crucial for maintaining safe riding conditions. With constant maintenance and care, your bike will be ready for the road for hundreds of rides to come.

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