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For many motorcycle riders, the winter months can be boring. The cold and snowy weather can make it difficult or even impossible to ride a motorcycle, leaving riders stuck at home and dreaming of getting out on the open road. But, even if you can't ride at the moment, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle while at home.

Here are a few fun things motorcycle riders can do in the winter when they’re not able to ride:

  1. Plan upcoming rides. Even though you can't ride in the snow, you can still plan your next big ride. Use the time you're trapped inside to look at possible future routes and trips you can take when the weather is warmer. It will pass the time and give you something to look forward to. Hupy and Abraham put together these articles on rides if you’re looking for some inspiration. 
  2. Maintain your motorcycle. Winter is a great time to give your motorcycle everything it needs to be ready for the riding season. While your motorcycle is parked in the garage, you can clean and wax your bike, change the oil, check the tires and battery, and make any necessary repairs that may be needed. It’s also a great time to look into any upgrades you may want to add to your bike, including new components and tech. With your bike ready to go, you can take it out on the road right when the weather is suitable for riding.
  3. Watch some motorcycle movies or TV shows. Check out a lot of great motorcycle movies – “Easy Rider,” “Wild Hogs,” “On Any Sunday,” “Ghost Rider” and “The World’s Fastest Indian” are all worthy of a watch. As far as TV shows, some popular ones for riders are “Sons of Anarchy,” “Ride with Norman Reedus” and “The Motorcycle Diaries.” You can gather with family, friends and grab a bowl of popcorn to enjoy this great motorcycle entertainment.
  4. Join a local motorcycle club. Many local motorcycle clubs are likely in cities and towns near you. Joining a club is a good way to ride with others and participate in charity events. Gathering in a club with motorcycle enthusiasts will help pass the time in the winter and keep you connected to the local riding community. Check out what some of the local motorcycle clubs in Wisconsin are doing in our Behind the Handlebars series.
  5. Read about motorcycles. Books, magazines and websites about motorcycles are available. Spend some time checking out the latest industry news, classic motorcycle stories, tips and tricks for riding or how-to articles on maintaining your bike. Some great books to check out are “Rebuilding the Indian” by Fred Haefele, “Hell’s Angels” by Hunter S. Thompson and “McQueen’s Motorcycles” by Matt Stone.

Just because you can't ride now doesn't mean you can't enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle. By staying active and engaged in the riding community in the winter, you can make the most of the time you’re trapped inside and be ready to hit the road as soon as riding season begins.

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