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One of the best things about riding motorcycles is exploring new places. Being out on the open road is what a lot of riders live for. Across the country, there are many different routes that make great rides for motorcyclists. If you’re in Northern Illinois near Rockford or Gurnee, here are three of the most thrilling rides you can take on your bike.  

The Rock River Run Route 

This route starts in Rockford and ends in Dixon, Illinois. The roads you’ll take on your bike for this trip are all two-lane roads, so you don’t have to worry about riding on a crowded highway. This route follows the Rock River, so there are a lot of great sights to see including giant ravines and amazing rock formations. If you look closely on your ride, you can spot a statue of Chief Blackhawk on one of the bluffs you’ll pass. Those in the Rockford area will not want to miss this ride. 

The Savanna Scenic Ridge Route 

The Scenic Ridge Route is another experience you’ll want to take part in. Situated near the Mississippi River in the Northwestern part of Illinois, you’ll find this beautiful and scenic ride. At only 19 miles long, it’s a quick trip, but it’s worth it for the route’s smoothly paved roads and twisting corners. You can start this ride at Mississippi Palisades State Park and take it until you’re just outside Elizabeth, Illinois. This ride is peaceful, enjoyable and beautiful. You’ll go through a variety of environments including farmland, several hills and areas with a few glimpses of the Mississippi River. It’s worth checking out Mississippi Palisades State Park, either on your bike or on foot before you embark on your trip. 

The Elizabeth Scales Road Route 

If you finish the Savanna Scenic Ridge Route and are still itching for more scenic riding, then there’s another route nearby that you’re sure to love. The Elizabeth Scales Road Route takes you on Elizabeth Scales Mound Road, which is just off Highway 20 that runs through town. On this ride, you’ll travel through a dozen miles of winding corners. It’s another great scenic ride with hilly areas, peaceful farmland and great wide views of the surrounding area. When you end this route near the town of Scales Mound, Illinois, it’s a great idea to check out the neighboring town of Galena, Illinois, which features a lot of great historical buildings and Horseshoe Mound, which can give you an amazing view of the surrounding area from the top. 

If you’re looking for a new spot to ride and explore, these three routes in Northern Illinois are great places to start. Whether you’re near Rockford or Gurnee, Illinois, or anywhere in between, it’s worth it to take the ride and check these routes out. Have a safe, fun time on your motorcycle and enjoy the open road. 

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