Hupy and Abraham President Michael Hupy has been invited to join the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) 2015 campaign cabinet. The 2014 campaign ended by raising $11,728,476 -- a record-setting amount with a 6.3 percent increase from last year’s efforts. As a notable figure in the community, Attorney Hupy’s leadership, tenacity and talent will be a great asset to the 2015 campaign. UPAF is confident that the addition of Attorney Hupy will ensure a new milestone being set in 2015.

Attorney Hupy at the 2014 UPAF Campaign Finale
Attorney Hupy at the 2014 UPAF Campaign Finale.

Attorney Hupy will specifically be a member of the Lawyers Division and will serve from January to May 2015. This division strives to secure company gifts from law firms in Southeastern Wisconsin and/or gifts from CEOs and firm leadership that are not aware of, nor involved with, UPAF currently.

UPAF -- the United Performing Arts Fund -- is an organization that promotes the performing arts in Southeastern Wisconsin. These campaigns are essential to the survival of the arts community, as many groups would not thrive without the assistance that UPAF offers. In addition to supporting the programs in the area, UPAF educates people about the importance of the arts. UPAF has scored four stars on Charity Navigator in 2013 and 2014, meaning the organization surpasses all other groups with similar goals and expectations.

Hupy and Abraham has supported UPAF in many ways over the years. In summer 2014, the firm won the “law firm challenge” award. The firm also won top honors for having the highest net increase of employee participation. 



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