michael hupy with judge

Friday, October 21, Attorney Michael Hupy was recognized as a top donor for the Milwaukee Bar Association at a recognition luncheon. This lunch was to show appreciation for the top donors who have given money to benefit Milwaukee County’s low-income unrepresented litigants through court-based programs and legal resources. Attorney Hupy has personally donated over $150,000 to this cause. Also in attendance at this luncheon was retired Judge Michael Skwierawski.

Throughout Attorney Hupy’s decades of practice, he has demonstrated passion for giving back to the community with a focus on making the community safer, investing in programs and leading by example. Attorney Hupy serves as president of Crime Stoppers, a local nonprofit, whose mission is to combine efforts of the public and media to aid law enforcement in the fight against crime.  Attorney Hupy has offered personal rewards in high-profile cases.

Attorney Hupy is highly invested in programs that help the underserved.  He previously served the Center for Entrepreneurship and served as a member of the board of the Children’s Outing Association.  

 Under his direction, the law firm has given over $1 million in donations to worthwhile causes. Attorney Hupy has been a longtime community activist and voted Top Local Activist by the Milwaukee public.  He embodies making positive change in the community and championing social causes.