On September 20, 2016, Attorney Hupy attended Stellar Collegiate's 20th ribbon cutting ceremony. To join the firm in its support of Stellar and to learn more about the school, join the growing network of supporters that has been rapidly expanding. Information can be found at their website or sign up for their newsletter by emailing [email protected].

Mr. Hupy with Marc Cohen and Melissa Mcgonegle
Pictured at the September 20th  ribbon cutting ceremony are Board President, Marc Cohen, Principal Melissa McGonegle and Early Supporter, Attorney Michael Hupy.   

Attorney Hupy has supported many educational endeavors through the years. He has contributed $20,000 to Marquette Law School, his alma mater. He has also helped University School Milwaukee exceed a $1.1 million fundraising goal and paid tuition costs for three students to attend St. Marcus Lutheran School.

In April 2016, Stellar Collegiate was chosen for a start-up investment from the Charter School Growth Fund (CSGF), a national funder of some of the highest performing charter schools in our country.  Stellar was also chosen for a Charter School Program Planning and Implementation grant from the Federal Department of Education.  The grant  is designed to support new charter schools and pay for start-up expenses.

Stellar Collegiate hosted an event at Chuck E. Cheese that allowed incoming families to meet each other and begin to build relationships that will lead to a strong and vibrant parent community. 


A longtime supporter of education, Attorney Michael Hupy is involved in laying the groundwork for a new school in Milwaukee. Stellar Collegiate, preparing to open in 2016, is a K-5 public charter school that will put students on a path to college with a solid academic and character foundation.

Attorney Hupy is helping Stellar Collegiate get started by pledging his support and generating support from others.  With Attorney Hupy on board, others in the community are

Stellar Collegiate logo

 more likely to follow suit.

Stellar Collegiate is founded on the philosophy that college begins in kindergarten. The school plans to offer Milwaukee children a top-notch education by spending more time with the students, hiring specialized teachers and emphasizing character development.

With an 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. school day, Stellar Collegiate will have more time to give students a well-rounded education. During the day, students will alternate between working with teachers and using computers with adaptive educational programs.

Teachers will specialize in the subjects they teach, as opposed to having one teacher responsible for all subjects in respective grade levels. To emphasize character development, Stellar Collegiate has adapted the BRIGHT core values: Bravery, Respect, Integrity, Generosity, Hard Work and Tenacity.

With a school model in place, Stellar Collegiate’s next step is finding a location. The Board of Directors is hoping to find something in the southern region of Milwaukee.

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