If you have recently been involved in a Wisconsin car accident, you can easily be overwhelmed by the events that follow.

You will be dealing with doctor’s visits, lab tests, and accumulating bills for medical care.
Your car may be too damaged for further use.
You might find yourself too disabled to work and suddenly with a limited income.
Then, you face the everyday challenge of running your household, paying for rent and utilities, and feeding your family.

So, when an insurance adjuster knocks on your door and offers to pay you a cash settlement for your injuries, you may be tempted to leap at the opportunity because, why not? It settles the bills, gives you money to live on for a while, and as the adjuster helpfully points out, you will have enough left over to get the big television system you have always wanted.

He seems like a nice enough guy with good intentions, saying, “You don’t need a lawyer taking a cut of your settlement. Just sign here. I already have a check made out to you in my pocket.”

The Secret Agenda of Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters and claims agents work for the insurance company; they definitely don’t work for you. Your well-being is not their primary concern. Maximizing their company’s profits is their top priority.

They are trained to give out as little money as possible in settlement benefits. Every penny they keep out of your hands will increase their profits at the end of the year. The adjuster has dealt with hundreds of injury cases before while you, on the other hand, have rarely had a reason to work with a claims agent before - the record of experience vastly favors the adjuster.

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