A Guide to Buying the Right Motorcycle for You

It may not be riding season where you live yet, but that shouldn’t stop you from shopping for a motorcycle if you’re in the market for a new one. Usually, the winter months are the best time to buy a bike since there are many deals to be found. It’s important to buy the bike that is right for you so that you’re safe and confident while riding.

There are a few important things you’ll want to consider when looking for a new motorcycle. The style of bike, your riding experience, engine size and budget should all be considered when making your choice. If you don’t choose a bike that’s right for you, you may not be able to handle it, you may not enjoy riding it and you may be unsafe on the road.

Choosing the right style of motorcycle isn’t all about looks. Most riders will have a budget range that their new bike will need to fall into. You also need to take into consideration how the bike will fit you. There are several different types of motorcycles, from dozens of motorcycle brands – bobbers, baggers, cruisers, sport bikes, touring bikes and more. Each bike has their own characteristics including weight, seat height, frame size and engine size. The perfect bike for you should fit your style and:

  • Both your feet should be able to touch the ground when you’re seated.
  • All the controls on your bike should be able to be reached at all times.
  • The engine power should suit your riding experience.
  • Your feet should be able to rest on the foot pegs and your knees should tuck against the gas tank when riding.
  • You should be able to hold the bike upright easily when stopped.

After determining the bikes you’re most interested in, you’ll want to take a trip to your local motorcycle dealership, look at the bikes in person and go on a few test rides. Once you find a motorcycle that you’re comfortable with that meets your budget and other preferences, you have the bike for you! Finding the right bike can be a tough decision and tedious process, but it’s worth it to have a ride that you’ll be comfortable, confident and safe on.

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