A battery tender is connected to a motorcycle in preparation for winter storage.

With cold and snowy weather coming to the Midwest, many riders are getting ready to store their bikes until more suitable riding conditions arrive in spring. While some motorcyclists will ride no matter what the weather is, many of us need to rely on storing our bikes so that they’re safe from rough conditions and ready to go when the warm weather hits. Making sure that your bike is properly stored will guarantee that it will be in good riding condition when you’re ready to head back out on the road.

Following these five tips will help preserve your motorcycle in top riding condition during the winter.

1. Find a Secure, Climate-Controlled Storage Location:

Secure a storage space that is climate-controlled and spacious to protect your bike from damage during winter. With a climate-controlled space, moisture won’t build up and cause damage to your bike while it sits until spring.

2. Clean and Protect Your Bike:

Thoroughly wash your motorcycle before storing it to prevent dirt, grime and bugs from damaging the paint and finish. Apply wax for added protection and use a proper cover to shield it from the elements. With a proper cleaning, your bike will look excellent for your first ride of the season.

3. Use Fuel Stabilizer:

Before storing your bike, add fuel stabilizer and top off the fuel tank to prevent fuel-related issues and tank rust during the winter.

4. Change the Oil:

Replace the oil with fresh, clean oil and a new filter to ensure a smooth start when you're ready to ride again in spring.

5. Maintain the Battery and Tires:

Attach a battery tender to your motorcycle's battery to prevent it from draining over the winter. If your bike doesn't have a center stand, consider getting one to keep the tires in good condition, which will help avoid flat spots and dry rot.

Make sure you follow all these steps when storing your bike and you’ll keep it in top riding condition for the next riding season. If you have any questions or concerns about storing your bike, contact a knowledgeable motorcycle dealer or shop. Many shops and dealerships offer motorcycle storage services year-round, which is a great option if you don’t want to worry about taking care of your bike all by yourself.

Hupy and Abraham has been an advocate for motorcycle riders for decades by promoting awareness with our “Watch for Motorcycles” campaign. We’ve even put together a video showing proper winter storage tips that you can watch here.  For more important riding news, tips and videos, stay tuned to HUPY.COM.

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