Five Cool Motorcycle Gadgets

Now that fall is here and winter is approaching, many riders have put away their bikes until spring. Without your bike you might feel restless and bored, but you can always look forward to the next riding season. Motorcycle technology is always improving and there are many new gadgets that will make your rides safer and more enjoyable when you finally get your bike back on the road. Here are five of the coolest motorcycle gadgets available right now:


As a rider, being seen on your motorcycle is one of the most important things you can do to avoid an accident and injuries. The Signal Dynamics Backoff XP helps drivers see you better. By hooking up to your stock brake lights, the gadget makes your bike’s taillights flash when you hit the brakes, before going to a solid glow. This helps keep you safe by grabbing drivers’ attention, making you more visible and less likely to get rear-ended.


A lot of newer motorcycles have USB ports where you can charge your phone or other devices, but many bikes, including vintage motorcycles, do not have that option. The Battery Tender USB Charger connects right to your motorcycle’s battery harness and gives any motorcycle the option to charge a USB device. Whether you need to charge your phone, GPS or Bluetooth communication system, this is the perfect gadget for when you’re out on the road in need of power.


This Sena Bluetooth Headset not only lets you communicate with other riders as far as a mile away, but it can also record video of your ride in high definition. The battery provides over 17 hours of talk time and two hours of video recording. The headset also works as an entertainment device, being able to connect to your favorite music streaming service on your phone or with its built-in AM/FM radio.


This Klim Wireless Airbag Vest can be worn under any jacket and provides protection in case of an accident. The technology in the vest can detect if a crash happens, inflating faster than the blink of an eye to protect your body. The vest holds canisters that fully inflate the vest and are replaceable so it can be used more than once. The vest also has a battery that lasts nearly 20 hours, so it is perfect for long road trips.


The Somewear Global Hotspot could be a life-saving gadget for those who ride in remote areas without cell reception. Using a satellite network, the device gives you a data connection no matter where you are in the world. It can also be used as a GPS tracking device, so that you can be located in an emergency. Though it does require a subscription, it can give you that extra peace of mind on the road.

These gadgets can elevate your riding experience next season, keeping you safe while out on the road. Hupy and Abraham has been promoting rider safety and awareness for decades with our “Watch for Motorcycles” message. We’ve helped over 70,000 clients receive over $1 billion for their injuries. We have your back if you’re in an accident. For more information on motorcycle gadgets, accessories, news and events stay tuned to

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