How To Prevent Rust On Your Motorcycle Exhaust


There's no better feeling than riding around town on a clean motorcycle. It handles better, it feels as if it's running better and it's an overall better feeling from having a clean bike. Unfortunately, having rusted or dirty exhaust can quickly take away your bike's aesthetic, if not taken care of properly. On top of that, it can cause some potential performance issues as well. 


Your exhaust is a crucial component of your motorcycle. Since it is generally the closest object to the ground, it is common for your exhaust to experience more wear and tear than other parts of your bike. Since most exhausts are made from alloy steel, they are more susceptible to oxidizing from water. This article will go over ways to keep rust from forming on your exhaust. 


  1. Cleaning: The simplest way to avoid rust on your bike is to clean it regularly. Wiping your bike down and making sure there isn't any residue from water are great ways to keep rust from building up. If you're wondering how often you should clean your bike, you can gauge the cleanliness by eyeballing it or cleaning it biweekly. 
  2. Degreaser: If you want to step up your cleaning from a regular wash, using a degreaser or a heavier wash will add more benefits to keep your exhaust from rusting. 
  3. Coating and painting: Another great alternative is to coat or paint your exhaust. This process can be challenging and take more time to accomplish, depending on your bike's make and model. Going this route, however, adds another layer of protection to your exhaust. 
  4. Aftermarket: Last, but not least for rust prevention is to invest in an aftermarket exhaust. Investing in a high-quality exhaust will provide you with many benefits and will take longer to rust over time. This is usually the more expensive route, due to the higher metals involved and the installation process. 


All four tips listed above are great ways to help with rust prevention on your bike. Keeping your exhaust clean and well kept is a crucial task that needs the proper attention as other parts of your bike. For more resources on motorcycle information, visit 


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