benefits of using high-end synthetic oil for your motorcycle


If you were to consider the engine as the heart of your motorcycle, you could also think of the oil as its lifeblood. Without proper oil for your motorcycle, you wouldn't get very far on the road. It's an essential component for your bike that is easy to overlook throughout the lifespan of your riding career, because most riders view premium oil as a needless luxury. More often than not, most riders stick to conventional oil changes when getting it serviced, instead of opting for the premium oil service. There can be multiple reasons as to why that is. This could stem from saving money, having a specific bike model or a misunderstanding of the benefits premium oil provides. 


So how do you know the difference between high-end oil and low-end oil? The easiest way to spot the difference is the terminology they use. Low-quality oil will always be named "conventional," while higher quality oil will be called "synthetic" oil. Without getting lost with too much jargon from the terminology of the two, the base of oil is determined by its composition, refining method, properties such as sulfur, viscosity index and saturated compounds. 


There are five groups of oils for your bike. Groups one through three are petroleum-based, while groups four and five are synthetic. The main difference between groups four and five is that group four oils are based on polyalphaolefin (PAO) polymers, while group five oils are synthetic oils such as ester-based oil. Synthetic oils have an advantage over conventional oil because they can be blended, synthesized and formulated to specific needs. All of this leads to the reasons below on why to opt for high-end oil for your next service. 


  1. Temperature: Due to its chemical bonds, synthetic oil can withstand extremely high temperatures produced from motorcycles. Because of this, you won't have to get an oil change as frequently as conventional oil. 
  2. Oxidation:  Because of synthetic oil's compounds, it will fight oxidation much better than its cheaper counterparts. Combined with the ability to endure higher temperatures, you'll be able to add more miles to your bike than you usually would. 
  3. Durability: You probably never stop to think how "strong" your oil is, but strength and durability in oil are actual things. The two terms commonly used are shear strength and film strength. Shear strength is the resistance of oil being lost in viscosity to mechanical parts in the engine. Film strength is the resistance of oil separating under pressure to prevent metal on metal contact within the engine. This means that your oil won't wear out as quickly as conventional oil. 
  4. Time: As briefly stated earlier, synthetic oils last longer due to their polymers and additive compound structure. This means they can survive and go extended interval periods that is requested by the manufacturer.  


When bringing all the information together, synthetic has a multitude of benefits for your motorcycle. It will protect your engine, prevent gear wear, survive high temperatures and save you trips for frequent oil changes. Oil changes will always be cheaper than engine repairs. Using higher end synthetic oil to prevent that is always worth it. For more resources on motorcycle information, visit and also visit our Facebook page.


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