Attorney Jason Abraham rides a sport bike during a Motovid motorcycle track day at Road America in Wisconsin.

As motorcycle riders, we look forward to a time when we can get our bikes back out of the garage and ride again. Even though winter may prevent riders from getting on the road, that can’t stop us from planning for future riding events. For riders, a big thing to look forward to in the spring and summer are motorcycle track days. During these events, you can take your bike and ride on well-known racetracks in your area to practice your riding skills and have a great time. 

Being prepared for upcoming riding experiences is very important so that you’re safe and ready to go when the time comes to hop back on your bike. If you plan on participating in a motorcycle track day, there are likely a few pieces of riding gear that will be required before you can even get on your bike and participate. Let’s look at a few riding gear items that you should plan on bringing with you to a track day.  

  1. A helmet: You’ll need a full-faced helmet to be able to participate in a track day event. Make sure that your helmet is DOT approved. The helmet should have an emergency cheek pad removal system. There are many different helmet styles available with different ventilation and aerodynamics, as well as cool graphics, so choose the one that is best for you. Safety is always key, and protecting your head is of the utmost importance. 

  1. A full body racing suit: Since track days come with sharp turns and high speeds, you’ll want to have your entire body protected in case you fall off your bike. You probably won’t even be let onto the track if you don’t have a full body suit, so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you and that you’re comfortable in. These suits are made from extremely tough materials like Kevlar, leather and other armor to give you maximum protection. 

  1. A pair of racing boots: These special boots made specifically for motorcycle racing are of great importance to have on a track day. Made with super durable materials, the boots you choose should be a proper fit with armor protecting your shin and everything below in the event of a crash. 

  1. A pair of racing gloves: Protecting your hands is very important so you’ll need gloves that protect your wrists, palms and fingers. Specialized racing gloves will keep your hands safe if you fall off your bike for any reason and they also will protect your hands from the elements. These gloves are weatherproof and have built in armor meant to withstand the worst. 

Having the proper gear during a track day is extremely important and, in most cases, you won’t even be able to ride on the track without the proper gear. Each track day organization will have different requirements for gear, so check with them before you arrive. Be prepared so that you can have a safe and fun day at the racetrack. 

Hupy and Abraham, S.C. has helped motorcyclists for decades by promoting safety and awareness for all riders. The firm has partnered with organizations like Motovid for the past several years, supporting their track day events at raceways like Road America and Blackhawk Farms. To learn more about future motorcycle events, head to 

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