Attorney Chad Kreblin rides his motorcycle in the Northwoods of Wisconsin during the fall.

Fall can be a great time of year to take your motorcycle out on the open road. With the beautiful colors of the changing leaves, rides are scenic and enjoyable. Since riding in the fall has its own set of challenges, it is important to make sure you’re ready to get the most out of your ride.

Here are three important tips to help keep your fall motorcycle ride safe and enjoyable.

Stay prepared for the weather: Since temperatures can fluctuate a lot, and very quickly, you’ll need to be prepared for the fall season’s unpredictable weather. Make sure you dress appropriately so that you don’t get injured from the cold. Wear layers or gear that is heated to help keep you warm. Gloves are also a must-have. You can always remove clothing if you become too warm, but you don’t want to leave for your ride unprepared. Becoming too cold can affect your response time, which could lead to a crash. Too much exposure to cold can also injure you with frostbite. It’s also a good idea to keep rain gear with you because it could start raining at any moment during your fall ride.

Prepare your motorcycle for fall riding: Using the T-CLOCK checklist, make sure your bike is ready for the road. T-CLOCK stands for tires/wheels/brakes, controls, lights/electrics, oil/fluids, chassis/chain and kickstand. Check over all these things on your bike. All the components on your bike should be in perfect working condition, otherwise you can’t trust that it won’t fail while on a ride. Make sure you have the right tires on your bike for fall conditions. While sport tires are great for warm weather riding, they may not be the best for colder weather traction. The roads in the fall can get super slippery, especially in the morning when there’s still a layer of frost on the roads. Switching to touring tires may be a better idea. If you’d like to learn more about the T-CLOCK checklist, check it out here.

Beware of fallen leaves: While the changing colors of the leaves are the most beautiful parts of fall motorcycle riding, they can also be very hazardous. With all the leaves falling from the trees and covering the road, they can hide hazards like potholes or other objects underneath. Wet leaves can also be very slippery and cause a crash if you’re not prepared for them. Approach fallen leaves carefully and be ready to react quickly.

Make sure you follow these three important tips while going on a fall motorcycle ride. It's very important to be cautious on your bike whenever you’re riding, but especially in the fall. Cold weather and hazards are out there, but if you’re prepared, you can have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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