A group of motorcyclists ride during the fall through orange leaved trees.

Winter is coming and many riders are looking to get their last rides in during the fall season. Across the Midwest, through Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa, there are many great motorcycle routes to take. Ranging from routes with winding roads along the Mississippi River to the amazing scenery of Lake Michigan, any of these rides are sure to be a great way to cap off the 2023 riding season before you put your bike in winter storage.

Here is a look at three of our favorite Midwest fall motorcycle rides to close out the season.

Wisconsin – Door County

Whether you ride up the bay side of the Door County peninsula taking Highway 42 or the lake side of the peninsula taking Highway 57, either route will be fun and scenic. With beautiful views of Lake Michigan, the vivid fall colors of the changing leaves and many shops, wineries and restaurants to stop at, this ride through Door County is great for a weekend getaway on your motorcycle or even a day trip if you live nearby. Hop on the Washington Island ferry with your motorcycle to witness even more amazing views of the great lake.

Illinois – The Savanna Scenic Ridge Route

Located near the Mississippi River, you’ll find this beautiful and scenic ride in the Northwestern part of Illinois. At just under 20 miles long, it’s a quick trip, but the ride is totally worth it. The route has smoothly paved roads and twisting corners throughout its entire duration. This ride starts at the Mississippi Palisades State Park, which is worth checking out either on your bike or on foot before you embark on your trip. You’ll go through scenic locations including farmland, rolling hills and even get glimpses of the mighty Mississippi River. You’ll experience a ride that is peaceful, enjoyable and beautiful, ending in Elizabeth, Illinois, where you can check out some shops and restaurants.

Iowa – The Great River Road

This ride features a long 328-mile route along the Mississippi River from Iowa’s northern border to its southern border. With winding roads, you’ll ride through beautiful small towns, ride your motorcycle up steep bluffs where you can watch for eagles and have several opportunities to stop and tour various local breweries and shops. With a variety of amazing views, limestone bluffs and unique environments, this is a gorgeous motorcycle ride to take in any season, but an especially great one to cap off the 2023 riding season.

No matter where you ride in the Midwest in the fall, you're bound to see beautiful scenery and have a great time. These routes are known for being especially scenic and enjoyable, so no matter which ride you take, you’re in for a treat. Have a safe and fun fall ride before packing up your bike for the winter.

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