The answer to your questions is, unfortunately, no. Although wearing a motorcycle helmet can help reduce your injuries—including spinal cord injury, head injury, traumatic brain injury and death—it will not completely remove your chances of ever suffering a head injury or other injury in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash.

Sometimes helmeted riders can get thrown from their bikes and still suffer head injuries, even with the use of a helmet. Additionally, helmets can sometimes come off riders in violent motorcycle wrecks. Furthermore, if riders have the wrong helmets on, they may suffer head injuries. For instance, if riders don’t have motorcycle helmets that are DOT or SNELL approved, they are more likely to suffer head injuries in a crash because their helmets may not meet penetration protection requirements.

Our Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys also ride, and we understand the risks of the road. We urge all motorcyclists to wear approved motorcycle helmets because they help reduce injuries and death, and we encourage motorcyclists to carry enough insurance coverage in case they are involved in serious accidents. However, we also know Wisconsin’s limited motorcycle helmet laws and respect your decision to wear one or not. And we will fight for helmeted and non-helmeted riders’ rights.

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