Damage to the Side of a Car After a Hit and Run in Illinois

It’s hard to know what to do after any car accident, but it can be particularly overwhelming when you don’t even know who caused the crash. The driver who hurt you left the scene of the accident.

You still deserve a fair accident recovery.

Three Things to Do After a Hit and Run

You can protect your accident recovery by:

  • Calling the police immediately. The police have a better chance of finding the driver who hit you if you contact them immediately. Witnesses may still be around the accident scene, parts of the car that fell off in the crash may be available, and other evidence may be obtained if the accident is reported quickly.
  • Notifying your own insurance company. Illinois law requires you to purchase uninsured motorist coverage as part of your car insurance policy. Uninsured motorist coverage not only covers you when the other driver doesn’t have insurance but also when the other driver can’t be located. However, even though you pay the premiums on your insurance policy, your own insurance company may not want to pay you for your hit and run accident damages. You may have a fight on your hands to get the fair recovery that you deserve.
  • Contacting an experienced car accident lawyer. Hit and run cases are complicated, but there is help available. An experienced car accident injury lawyer knows what steps to take to protect your legal rights and recovery.

It is up to you to take these initial actions after a hit and run crash. However, once you hire a car accident lawyer to represent you, then the stress of managing your car accident case is removed from your shoulders. You can concentrate on your physical recovery and other things that are important to you while your lawyer concentrates on getting you the financial damages that you deserve.

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